Five Causes of a Clogged Drain (and a Way to Get Them Fixed)

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Clogged drains can be caused by a variety of factors, including hair getting caught in a clump, debris getting stuck in the drain, or problems with changes in weather. Various plumbing companies and do-it-yourself gadgets can help you fix a clogged drain before it can cause troubles in your home like a complete blockage of water to the house. However, understanding the causes of a clogged drain and keeping drains clean and inspected every few weeks can keep a clog from becoming an expensive repair!

Soap and Grease Buildup

When soap and grease are carried down the drain after use or are being washed off by a dishwasher, they can both stick to the walls of the pipe over time, making the pipe’s diameter smaller and causing water backup. Grease often gets into the drain after a dishwasher is used, and the grease cools when the pipes are vented. The pipes then have a reduced area to drain the water.

Lack of Venting

Venting is when air enters a pipe and allows the water to drain, and when air cannot enter, the water simply stays where it is. The drain pipe can also cause clogging as too high of a slope can cause water and debris to be left behind, and too low of a slope can do the same thing, causing a buildup that will back up water.

Foreign Objects in the Pipe

These can be anything from hair, plastics, wipes, toys, or anything non-decomposable. Most debris is light enough to be washed away or soluble enough to dissolve on their own with water and time. However, bigger pieces of debris can cause trouble when they don’t dissolve and get awkwardly stuck in the pipe and cannot be removed naturally.

Food Waste

Even with a garbage disposal, some food items like tea leaves and coffee grounds can get stuck in drains; this is why most people recommend composting them and not letting them go down the drain because they do not break down.

Mineral Buildup

Dirt, minerals, and sediment can all get inside a drain. Either through hard water not dissolving them completely or through simply washing dirt down the drains for various reasons. They can cause massive clumps that cannot dissolve in water and will need to be removed by a plumber or regularly checked and cleaned.

Various other problems can cause drain clogging, and almost all problems will need to be checked out by a plumber and fixed professionally. Then, a plan can be put in place to ensure the problem does not happen again and your water can flow perfectly.