Five DIY materials you should always keep handy

Being a DIY guru comes naturally to some people, for other it always feels like hard work. And while it is true that some people have a natural affinity for fixing things up and doing work around the house the converse is that that for those to who whom it does not come so naturally it can be made a lot easier by observing some simple steps. In other words, what do the naturals do that the not so naturals do not? One of the most striking differences here is that naturals always have a range of tools and materials on hand and ready to be used whenever they are needed. For the not so naturals the first port of call is the hardware shop, which already means delays and reasons to procrastinate. But what are these materials that should be kept on hand. Here are a few ideas.


Take a look around your house or property and see what sort of pipes are in use. These tend to be used for plumbing or for running conduits and they are the items that most frequently need to be replaced in plumbing emergencies. Keep some spare pipe on hand at all times. An online search for a phrase like PVC pipe Melbourne will return an array of options, much of which can probably be delivered to you. Have some spare available – because you will need it at some point.


The old television character McGyver, who was the ultimate DIY guy, always kept duct tape handy and it always came in handy. Duct tape, plumber’s tape, insulation tape and masking tape are all items that any DIY person should have readily available as they can help to solve all manner of emergencies.


You don’t need to have everything, but any house needs to have a basic range of tools. We are talking a set of screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers and a drill. That sort of thing. These are not the types of tools required for a major carpentry project, just the types of instruments that will help facilitate any minor job that needs doing. No matter how much of a DIY person you are not, you still need to be able to change a plug or hang a painting. And if you don’t have the tools that enable you to do that then you really are going to be in a spot of bother.

Rope or twine

Another item that has a lot of utility and which can come in really handy when trying to make a plan on the fly is rope. It comes in handy in the garden but also for tying things up, loading materials onto roof-racks, counteracting broken springs, fixing wash-lines or binding items.

Silicone gel

Leaks are the bane of any house owner’s existence and silicone gel is one of the answers to fixing them. Plumbers tape is another solution, but we mentioned that a little earlier. Silicone is easy to apply and makes for a simple fix for things like shower doors, baths or ill-fitting plumbing. It can be a bit messy at times, but that is no reason not to have some and to be ready to apply it when the need arises.

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