Flood restoration in Toronto: Understanding Residential Water Damage Restoration

From leaking spouts to burst pipes or flooding, water damage is a potentially annoying problem you may experience as a homeowner.  Excess water in your basement can cause electrical hazards, severe damage to your structure and furnishings, and may even result in the growth of destructive moulds.  When the worst occurs, seek emergency restoration services from a reputable company to carry out your flood restoration in Toronto.

With a single call, a technician will be at your side to provide expert guidance on the best way to fix the problem quickly.

Rapid removal of the water and the agony

With the swift response, your basement and valuable property can always be fully preserved and restored. Our professional team comes to your house equipped with exceptional remediation techniques to remove moisture and facilitate effective drying. Right from the beginning to the end, until every piece of your furniture has been put back and your home made safe again we’re with you supporting every step.Image result for Flood restoration in Toronto: Understanding Residential Water Damage Restoration

Stop that black mould before it grows

To prevent black mould from developing, it’s crucial that you get a quick response from an experienced water damage restoration expert. Though really hazardous, moulds aren’t an everyday occurrence. Any mould poses potential health risks and proper removal is vital.

We pride ourselves in outstanding air quality testing, mould identification, and safe removal techniques.

Water Damage Cleanup and Repair

The flooding restoration process is purely scientific. To establish if it’s possible to restore your property, the contractor will always evaluate three criteria:

  • Amount damaged property
  • Intensity of contamination
  • Replacement cost versus restoration cost

Remember if not promptly dealt with, flooding can cause significant business disruptions, financial burdens and severe health problems.

How to minimize the damage

  • Try stopping the water source
  • Don’t walk on the carpet
  • Switch off the electricity and remove any small electrical appliances from flooded areas if it’s safe for you to do so
  • Remove small fixtures from carpeted regions or place aluminum foils below furniture legs. This plays a major role in preventing permanent rusting or staining.
  • Make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands after handling contaminated stuff, if possible use a disinfectant.
  • Avoid using home or shop vacuums to remove the water as this may trigger dangerous electric shocks.
  • Do not be tempted to turn on fans or air conditioning devices as they might spread contamination if the flooding is sewage-related

Destructive Power of Water

Water is the most common destructive element in the indoor environment. Uncontrolled flooding can make your structures and property to deteriorate rapidly. And the situation becomes even worse when the water is contaminated, or clean-up services are not prompt.

The detrimental effects of water are significantly reduced by quick and effective intervention, particularly within the first 24 hours. Despite the extent of damage, cleanup and restoration services produce incredible results. From family heirlooms, furniture to production machinery, we have successfully reinstated water-damaged structures for many decades.


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