Found A Pest’s Nest?

Pest control Hampshire and Wiltshire specialists expect an increase in calls for their services in springtime. Why? Because not only do pests wake up, find new homes and breed but humans tend to see the warmer weather as an invitation to carry out renovations, DIY and painting projects. (That’s why Easter is the worst time for DIY accidents!)

During renovation work it is not as unusual as you may think to find that your home or business premises is also the home of a pest. It could be a wasp nest in the attic, woodworm in the joists or beams, flies in an air vent or window or rodents in your cellar.

Hampshire and Wiltshire wasp removal experts like Pest Control Berkshire know that the treatments differ dependent on your guest pest and that these pests don’t need to be eradicated.

Wasps, hornets and bees are vital to the ecosystem so they are relocated not killed. There are many tales of untrained people trying to burn nests using petrol or pouring boiling water over bees, please do not try this! Don’t place yourself in danger. Call experts who have experience and qualifications instead.

Professional Hampshire and Wiltshire wasp removal is efficient and effective.

A primary claim on time in spring for pest control firms comes from rats and mice infestations. They may have moved in to breed or spent the winter hibernating in your loft or garage but once they start breeding you’ll have a greater problem to handle so please act quickly if you detect signs of rodents.

Remember, your decorating or renovation work will send them scattering but that doesn’t naturally translate in to your property being free of them, they can find another safe spot.


Rodent removal experts have received extensive training to be able to deal with infestations. Rodents are canny and emotional critters. They don’t fall for over the counter treatments any more than a neon flashing light would tempt them to eat some poison. In fact, they eat some poisons without suffering any ill effects. Poison becomes a tasty treat for them.

That’s why you need to get professional advice and treatments which are not available in the public domain but work incredibly well. Don’t worry. Wiltshire and Hampshire rodent removal firms can be with you within hours.

Mice have litters of 4-16 pups and up to 8 litters per year, pups reach maturity in weeks, once mature they can breed.

Rats have litters of 5-10 pups and they produce up to 6 litters per year.

Pups mature within weeks and can then breed.

1 mummy mouse or rat who produces 10 pups of which 5 are female only needs to wait for a few months to become a grandmother to between 20-80 pups.

Given a few more months she’ll be a great grandmother. Don’t forget that all mature females can have several litters per year.

Pest control Hampshire and Wiltshire experts are ready and willing to help.

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