Four Main Reasons To Keep Chemical Drain Cleaners As Last Resort

Chemical drain cleaneris the easiest way of unclogging a drain. It works fast on simple clog and you need not run around picking up tools or boiling water. But, it is not advisable to use it as often as you think. Here are four main reasons to why chemical drain cleaners are to be avoided as much as possible.

Toxic element

Chemical drain cleaners are very toxic and very hazardous to health. When used, they create fumes that are harmful to health. The fumes tend to linger for hours inside the house. This could cause irritation in skin, throat, eyes, lungs or nose. The same goes for pets too.

Extensive damage to pipes

Chemical drain cleaners are very powerful that they dissolve the gunk which is causing the block. This includes dissolving the sides of the pipes too. Chemical drain cleaners will not instantly damage your pipes but, eventually after several times of usage, your drain pipes will be perforated. A cracked or holed pipe cannot drain water even when there is no clog. It also destroys the enamel in the tub or sink.Image result for Four Main Reasons To Keep Chemical Drain Cleaners As Last Resort

Environmental impact

The chemicals when flushed would end up in the septic system which would in turn reach the water supply or the landfill. This causes serious damage to the aquatic life and underground water. Five tablespoons of chemical drain cleaner that you are using would not be the sole reason for this. But, think of millions of people around you using five tablespoons of chemicals, once or twice a month. You would get the big picture of what your chemical drain opener does. The toxic chemical drain openers will penetrate through the soil and reach the natural water supply, thereby, ending up in your glass of water, eventually.

Damage to septic system

Septic tanks have natural bacteria which work on the wastes and break down its content. When you add more and more of chemicals to this system, the bacteria would be destroyed in no time. This renders septic system, useless or ineffective. At one point of time, you may have to clean out the septic tank, which would cost more.

Chemical splash

Once you have used chemical drain openers in your drain, you should not use any other chemicals, solutions, bio cleaners or even mechanical methods which involve pressure like plunger, vacuum or suction machine. The chemicals inside the pipe would splash out all over you and your room which would lead to stains, odors and also health related hazards.

If you are still planning to stick with chemical drain cleaners, pick a reliable one that does not cause any dangerous fumes and use it after making sure that the room is well ventilated. Wear a mask, apron and gloves. Do not let children or pets near you, when you are using it. Read the description and directions given in the bottle, before you use. Each brand and type of chemical drain cleaners have different set of instructions that you need to follow.

It is always better to stick with simple methods or mechanical methods. If you are still not able to unclog the drain, you may have to hire any professional drain cleaners for the work. There are a lot of reliable and professional drain cleaners and service companies that you can hire within a few minutes.

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