Get Rid of the Confusion While Selecting between Roman and Roller Blinds

Every area of your house is important, whether it is tiles, walls, ceiling, doors or windows. You always want to decide the best for your house that not only looks beautiful, but also solves your purpose. Making a home is a big investment and you don’t want to choose a product that makes you repair or change it every year.

One of the investments that need lot of attention is blinds. People generally use curtains to cover doors or windows. However, nowadays blinds are more in demand. It gives a natural look to your house and also takes care of your privacy. There are many options in the market available for you to decide the finest blinds for your house.

Looking at the climatic condition, different materials and fabrics are used to make blinds that are more conducive and strong. Avaeksperdid is an Estonian Dealer, who deals with different sorts of blinds to make your house look exquisite.

Material can be anything, according to the usage but, there are basically two options of blinds –

  • Roman blinds
  • Roller blinds

Roman blinds

They give a classic look to your house. Mostly found in linen or silk material, this blind is thick enough to look after your privacy. They basically work as shield from sunlight. They are in slats that are pulled up and down with the help of a string. Since the slats are thin, they are quite fragile.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are updated version of roman blinds. They are not made in slats, but are complete sheet of fabric. Thus, it covers the entire room. With the help of a string you can either roll it up or down. They are not partially open like roman blinds therefore when opening the shade it allows full sunlight to enter. Rulood, as called in the Estonian language are affordable and can be customized.

Each blind has their own advantages –

Roman blinds

  • Because of slats they don’t completely block light coming in the room.
  • Since it opens partially, the pattern selected for it adds more feature to it.
  • They are suitable for bedrooms making it cozier.
  • Fabric is very thick that makes it good for maintaining privacy.
  • As it absorbs heat, it is good for cold room where insulation is important.

Roller blinds

  • They can block sunlight completely or partially.
  • You can view out without anyone noticing you from the other side.
  • They are good for all seasons as they completely block sun during summers and keep it warm in winters by letting light in.
  • They are easy to operate since they come either with a string chain, spring or motor to pull it up or down.
  • You can also connect all roller blinds from one motor and operate them accordingly.
  • The fabric that is used is tested with UV light, which generally damages or fades the color of any substance. Thus, you can say that they are durable.

When you want to pick blinds for your house, you can always check online with the help of a professional, who can guide you according to your needs.

Author’s Bio:

Stephen Tomalin has written this guest post. Avaeksperdid is a company that was set up ten years back. Their professionals are trained from Finland, Netherlands and Sweden. Although it is ten years old, the team has an experience of nineteen years in the field of making blinds. Whether it is roman blinds or Rulood, they have the best knowledge of fabric to be used.


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