Get the best ceiling fans for your home with these tips!

You may have the best cooling systems for your home, but the old-good and reliable ceiling fan is still important, necessary and relevant. There are many advantages of modern ceiling fans. Firstly, these don’t make a lot of noise that you would otherwise associate with some of the older models. Secondly, the new-age models are meant for performance and are extremely energy efficient. With the ceiling fan working, you can also increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and reduce energy bills considerably. If you check Crestar Fan’s website, you will realize that many of the modern designs are extremely different from what people initially knew about ceiling fans.

The basics

First things first, call an electrician to understand if there are major aspects that must be considered before buying a ceiling fan. For example, when the ceiling wall is too low, you need a model that can operate easily and closely to the ceiling. For higher gaps between the floor and ceiling, the fan must be used with a drop rod, the length of which is important. In case you are installing fans for those little passages or slanted slopes, you need to be sure of the size.


Think technically

Before you buy the best of Singapore ceiling fans, you have to check the size of the room. On an average, for a room of about 100 square feet, you need a fan with diameter of 30 inches. For large rooms bigger than 400-square feet, a 50 to 54-inch fan is more than enough. Coming to the blade number, traditional fans have four blades, but that’s not a compulsion anymore. You will find fans with five blades or even six thin ones. Keep in mind that the blade weight can bog down the motor and reduce the efficiency of air being circulated, so a standard of three to four blades is more than enough. Blades can be made of wood, metal, polycarbonate and other materials, and that’s a matter of personal choice, unless the blades are too heavy and impacting the process air circulation.

Design and aesthetics

For many homeowners, ceiling fans are just not modern enough, which honestly isn’t true. Check the Facebook page of Crestar, and you will realize that customers have some amazing things to say about new designs. The best ones are energy-efficient and ideal for extensive use, but that doesn’t mean compromising on other aspects like style and design. You can get modern ceiling fans that come with remotes or the basic ones that have lighting kits. Light kits can be purchased separately for some models, which can help in adding extra element of beauty and functionality to the room.

If you are buying ceiling fans specifically for your home, make sure that you check the pointers mentioned above. For outdoor use, some of the fans have better and longer blades that help in getting a better cooling effect. Lastly, do check the warranty on the product before placing the order and opt for a known brand that doesn’t compromise on style and functionality.