Give Your Porch A Makeover So You Can Sit In The Sunshine

There is no reason to stay cooped up indoors when the weather is so exquisite — you should be basking in the sunlight and relishing every light breeze that passes through. Instead of sitting inside your living room or kitchen, prepare your porch with a fresh makeover so that it can be your hang-out spot for the next few months.

Start off your magnificent porch makeover by fixing up the front entrance with an upgraded door. Don’t hold onto an old door that lets in drafts, that sticks to the frame or that is covered with a whole history of scratches, dents and scars. Get this incredible improvement from a trusted company like Golden Windows, which has been helping builders and homeowners get Kitchener custom doors for over fifty years. They are more than a reputable door company Kitchener has to offer, they also have major showroom locations in London and Ottawa. Visit their official website, browse through their online gallery to discover the beautiful doors to choose from or call for a consultation to see what materials will suit your home. A new entry door from them will be a refreshing change, giving your porch additional functionality and style.

If your porch furniture is still perfectly serviceable, you can make it look brand-new with a coat of paint. You can boost the look of a faded white lounge chair with a bold colour like golden yellow, turquoise or cherry red.You can also make a set of inexpensive folding chairs look glamorous with a metallic gold or bronze spray. If you really want to paint your outdoor furniture you have to prep your pieces ahead of time by stripping any old paint off it, sanding areas with rough edges or splinters and cleaning off dirt, dust or grime. Set your prepped items outside on a tarp and then follow the instructions on the paint can. Try to complete the project on a day when the temperature isn’t too hot, or the paint job could be ruined.

Finally, if you want your front porch to be ready for the summer season, you are going to have to get your cleaning supplies and give every surface a good scrub.You can tick off the first step on your porch cleaning checklist by moving all of the furniture out of the way so that you can dust the cobwebs, wipethe railings and sweep dirt off the floor without obstacles. You should also clean windows from the inside and outside of the house, using squeegees, microfiber cloths and a bucket full of warm water and white vinegar. When everything is dust-free and sparkling, arrange your furniture and décor back into their original spots.

Imagine yourself sitting on your lounge chair, sipping a cool glass of lemonade on a sunny afternoon, reading a gripping book, chatting to a friend or simply taking in the beautiful view. The upgraded front door, hours of painting and cleaning will all be worth the pleasure that you will get every time you relax on your front porch.