Goodbye Dubai, Hello Abu Dhabi!

I unfortunately broke up with my girlfriend approximately 3 weeks ago. Actually, she found it more suitable for herself to leave me for somebody. We were both living in Dubai. Actually, we were living in Dubai until she left me for her new lover. After this incident, I was thinking of how I can ever stay here more. At the end, I understood that I needed to leave Dubai before taking it too far and I took my first steps for this.

As a requirement of my position and my experience, I am qualified to find jobs in any country easily. Taking this also into consideration, I started thinking where I can go without travelling too far from the city where I reside and I found Abu Dhabi at the end. I filed my job applications and after that I found somewhere for myself to accommodate. It was just one day after my application and I received an answer. They wanted to meet me. It was an important company which invited me for a meeting and their conditions were good too. I could not have missed this opportunity. They gave me an appointment 3 hours after calling me. I went there and conducted my interview. Anyways it did not take too long. They made a good offer and I immediately accepted it. They wanted from me to start working in a few days. I accepted the offer however I had to find a house for myself. However, I must have found a home for myself. I started searching immediately. I managed t solve this issue as soon as possible. First thing to do was going to be cleaning the house and to this end, I started searching for the companies which provide cleaning service in Abu Dhabi. After a short while, I made a contract with a good company.


Everything will be fine!

I think I will have to get over what I have been through as soon as possible. I am starting a new life and immediately I have to find solutions to the problems which I suffered in the past and I will find them. Because I took the required actions in this regard. I rented my house. I made a contract with the company which provides Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi and had my house cleaned. In the meantime, they really do an excellent work. If you require cleaning services in Qatar or United Arab Emirates, I can recommend you this company. Judging by the comments of the people for whom they provided services, I am glad that I made this contract with them. They do not only clean the houses. They even provide support for Office cleaning, floor cleaning, school cleaning, curtain cleaning, ironing even maids and servants.

You are cordially invited if you ever come to Abu Dhabi.

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