Great Alternatives to Granite Counter Tops

A lot of people want granite counter tops.  There is nothing wrong with that: granite is strong, beautiful, and durable.  It is also somewhat pricey. Of course, there are some stone composites that resemble granite—but available at a lower price—if that is what you are looking for.

However, you may be quite interested to know that grifon has some several natural stone alternatives to granite that could serve you and your family better for your kitchen remodel.


Bottom line: Quartz is more durable than granite. The reason people choose granite, though, is that it shows the natural characteristics of stone better than Quartz.  In fact, quartz is nearly indestructible and at $100 to $150 per foot it is not out of the range of those who would opt for granite.Image result for Great Alternatives to Granite Counter Tops


A new trend, out of Europe, ceramic counter tops are similar to porcelain in texture. As such, they provide that delicate look and feel but, oddly enough, are surprisingly strong and more heat-resistant than, perhaps, any other material available. While they are only available in slabs, ceramic counter tops can cost at least $150 per foot.


Obviously, glass is a very cool surface for a countertop but it is not suited for every kitchen or every home; and at more than $200 per foot it is certainly not the smartest investment for something practical. Still, its versatility and rarity can make it worth the price for those looking for something elegant and unique.


With such a clean look, it is no wonder concrete is such a popular counter top material. However, it is definitely not as durable as others, and at $150 or more per foot, it is certainly not the right material for everyone.


Solid wood counter tops are not very durable, and at more than $200 per foot, they are not best for everyone. Still, they can be great as a breakfast bar (more than a food prep space) as they are more warm and inviting than stone.


Laminate counter tops are far more popular in Europe than they are in America. But that is largely because in America, we use “formica” which is a far lower grade than the laminate materials they use in Europe, which are more durable and presentable than the laminate counter tops in America.

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