Handy Tips To Help You Be Prepared And Keep Warm During Winter

There are lots of things that can be done to keep warm in winter, in our homes we can add loft insulation, replace windows and doors for better quality versions to stop draughts and we can also focus on ways to make our homes more energy-efficient. These particular changes may be considered the higher end of the budget when it comes to cost, but there are also lots of other things that can be done, at a much lower cost.

Control the temp at the right time of day!

Get to grips with your thermostats and heating controls so that the house can warm up before you have to. For instance, dawn is regarded the coldest time of day so we need to avoid waking up to a cold house, a cold house in the morning usually results in us leaving the heating on longer because it will take a while for our bodies to warm up, whereas if the heating were on before we got out of bed, we would be warm and more likely to switch it off sooner. Now consider the same technique for when you return home (perhaps from work) you don’t want to step into a cold house, you want to step into the warm (especially coming in from the cold) so get it set ready for your return, and you’ll turn it off sooner, saving valuable energy costs.


It’s inevitable that you will find some draughts during the cold season but ignoring it- or turning up the heating- is like throwing cash down the drain. Instead, focus on patching up those draughts and retaining some heat, your bills will thank you for it! Use insulating tape, draught excluders and pack the door with old blankets if necessary, to keep the warmth in, also remember to draw curtains as this helps to keep a room cosy in the evening.

Watch the weather…

Keep a close eye on the forecast and make sure that you are prepared for particularly bad weather days. If mobility is an issue, you may need to ensure that you have enough supplies to last until the bad weather passes. It may be other kinds of issues like power cuts following a bad storm, so if a storm is imminent makes sure you get those roof tiles checked for security and safety and keep a torch and batteries handy. Also get the boiler serviced in advance as boilers tend to fail more so during the cold season because that’s when they are used the most and you certainly don’t want to be left without heating, so do it now!

Check your tanks fuel and ensure it’s at the right level

Many forget to do this but incredibly important to check it now because if the heating oil needs topping up your available need time to order it. Remember that cheap home heating oil suppliers are at their busiest at this time of year to, so don’t miss out. Get your orders in to top up your oil (if it needs it) and bear in mind that bad weather can also disrupt driving conditions and deliveries which could also delay your order if left too late.

Radiator care

Most people are aware of radiator bleeding; you bleed out the water when necessary to ensure they are working at their best and that you get the most heat out of them, always worth doing! But did you know about radiator reflector sheets? These are extremely useful things, they can be purchased online at affordable costs, and basically, they are placed at the back of your radiator, and they work by reflecting the heat back into the room, pretty clever hey?

Make the most out of your oven

Kitchens are generally cosy when the oven is on, and we are doing the cooking but once it’s turned off that heat is quickly gone, instead, why not leave the oven door open after cooking and allow the warmth to billow out into the kitchen, it’ll keep the kitchen cosy for longer that’s for sure. Of course, it may not be a viable option with small children and pets, but for the elderly, it’s a great way to make the most of that heat you created in the kitchen.