Hey, Mom! Surprising Things About Trundle Bed That You Need to Know

 Using trundle bed is a magnificent idea. It is not only space saving, but it is also functional. The trundle bed is also the best solution for overnight guests, sleepovers or just a furniture piece for the guest bedroom. The best quality of this kind of bed is the versatility. Lounge beds or daybeds are perfect for the occasion that needs an extra bed.

 What exactly is a trundle bed?

Trundle beds are two beds that are put together so that it will look like a regular bed. The small bed is just underneath the bigger one. It is a big drawer that has a mattress in it.

Just like a bunk bed, it provides two sleeping space with one furniture. However, during night, trundle bed can take up the same space as a twin sized bed does. The primary purpose of this bed is to save up space during daytime.

Reasons to Buy a Trundle Bed

Trundle beds are ideal for saving space. They are getting two beds that are in one place, and a space that only one bed can occupy. Still, depending on the style, a trundle bed can also function as a  lounge bed or a daybed, since its size is almost similar to a small couch.

Then, if there is a need of bed function, they can quickly pull out the second bed. Only add beddings and pillows then it is ready for sleeping. There are also designs of a trundle bed that includes drawers which also functions as storage for the pillows and beddings.

Trundle is Best For

You can browse sites such as Beds Online for trundle beds that are perfect for children, teenagers, and overnight guests since it features a second bed. A trundle is not suitable for people with back problems or the elderly since it has less support and is close to the floor.

Commonly Used Materials

The materials used in making a trundle bed isn’t unusual. The materials are just the same types used in making a standard bed. Trundle beds can either be of metal, cast iron, or wood. The materials and designs still depend on the style of the bedroom.

Styles of Trundle Bed

There are different styles of trundle beds that are perfect for kids, designs that are unique and versatile. Here some of the common types that moms will find on the market.

  • The classic structure which is cabinet style, also it includes a mattress that is under the top one. It has a row of drawers set as a design and disguises to hide the bed from outsiders.
  • There is also a design available that has drawers. This kind of style gives additional space for storage for kid’s bedroom. It is perfect in keeping the area neat and tidy.
  • There are also styles that can offer more sleeping facilities that the traditional ones can’t give. The mega trundle bed also has an additional storage space placed underneath.

It is quite important in choosing the right type. A parent must consider the child’s behavior. If the kid has a habit of moving around the bed a lot, then there is a need to purchase the bed with raised sturdy bars.

The Mattress Used in Trundle Bed

The mattresses for upper beds doesn’t have any required thickness. But for the lower bed, there is a need to pay attention to the mattress size. The recommended mattress should be around 23 – 25 centimeters thick. However, the thickness of the mattress for the lower bed still depends on the depth of the drawer. Each bed has a different depth. It is important that to read the product description before purchasing.


Trundle beds are real solutions for small spaces. With its traditional design, anyone can utilize their space without worrying about not having a spare bed. There are a lot of designs that moms can choose. Each design also offers different functions to the user. It is perfect for a kids room because it can not only save space, but it can also act as storage for toys.

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