High Quality Garden Sheds

If you take pride in your garden, are a bit of a handyman, or are just someone who likes to get involved in DIY at-home projects, then it’s highly likely that you’ll need a high-quality garden shed. A garden shed is the perfect place to store your tools, do some of your work – like sawing wood to the correct lengths or repotting plants – and just generally having a place in which to be a handyman.


Not to mention, the humble garden shed has quite a place in Australian iconography. The corrugated iron from which these beauties are constructed has a long history, and is symbolic of the hard work that Australian convicts did when they first sailed over from England, the way they tilled at the grainy soil. Soil that seemed impossible to grow anything in, until it finally, begrudgingly yielded its spoils to them.

Considerations when Purchasing a Garden Shed

Whether you’re looking to introduce a new, freestanding structure to your property, or update an existing garden shed, the kind of shed that you select will depend on both your property and your needs. You can opt for a standard design, or get a manufacturer to design something custom just for you, depending upon these needs. These unique factors notwithstanding, there are a few things that absolutely everyone needs to consider when purchasing a garden shed.

Product Quality

This almost goes without saying. Obviously, as a rational consumer, you want any product that you purchase to be high quality. When it comes to garden sheds, which sometimes even double-up as outdoor study areas or studios, their durability and impenetrability (termites shouldn’t be able to get in easily) is extremely important. Make sure to only select a product made from quality materials and sold by a trusted manufacturer.

Council Approval

Australian local councils are famed for their pedantic restrictions. This is why, when it comes to garden sheds in Wollongong, it is important for consumers to make their purchases from a trusted manufacturer who has taken care to consider and meet council specifications. Quality manufacturers will often offer standard designs that have been pre-approved by councils.

Is it Easy to Assemble?

This is particularly important for DIYers, but is also something that those who might end up moving, and want to take their garden shed with them, should consider. Of course, a garden shed being difficult to assemble doesn’t mean that it should be struck off your list – in fact, if you’re looking for a custom design then it is likely to be difficult to assemble – it just means that you need to make sure you are purchasing from a manufacturer who is able to assist you with assemblage, in order to make your life as hassle-free as possible.

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