Home Maintenance Services You Should Have on Speed Dial

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Owning a home is very gratifying. It’s the cornerstone of the American Dream and, unsurprisingly, the dream of many Americans. However, homeownership does not come without added costs, many times at the most inopportune time. Regular maintenance and the occasional problems will happen, it’s only a matter of time. That’s why it’s important to have contractors that offer specialty services on speed dial.


Many homeowners have no problem making minor repairs like replacing a flapper in a toilet or upgrading a showerhead. However, when it comes to replacing water pipes and clearing clogs deep within the drainage system, not so much. Considered by many to be a prototypical blue-collar industry, plumbing is, in fact, a highly specialized service requiring a number of important skills and abilities to do correctly. For situations where a leak or overflow is unresponsive to putty and drain-o, it’s in your best interest to hire a plumber immediately. The same goes for any number of other heavy-duty plumbing needs around the house. Luckily, finding a good one is easier than you may think. Thanks to the internet you can check reviews of all the listed plumbers in your area. And, then put the name in the air to see if friends, family members or co-workers have used them too.

Alarm System

A home burglary happens every 20 seconds. That’s pretty frightening, to say the least. Surprisingly, most occur in broad daylight between ten in the morning and three in the afternoon, the hours that many homeowners are at work but in a window of time in which kids may be coming home from school. Thankfully, you can help protect you, your family and your home by installing a security system. Many alarm companies now provide high-tech equipment with monitors that transmit images in at least 1080 resolutions. This makes it easier than ever to identify someone trying to break into your home. These advanced systems also alert the company and you through your cell phone to sudden changes in the temperature inside your home, the presence of moisture and even allow you to turn off lights and lock doors while away. And, even if the power goes out, many have battery backups.


A handyman can change a lighting fixture and replace a light socket cover. However, when it comes a bit more detailed it’s best to avoid doing it on your own. Electricity can be deadly. And, for this reason, whether looking to relocate an outlet, add an outlet or doing a complete renovation of a kitchen or a bathroom contacting an electrician is something you should add to the to-do list.

HVAC Technician

Your heating and cooling system keeps you and your loved ones comfortable and prevents damage to your home. If the system stops working or doesn’t work as it should this can cause your family to get sick and your home to develop dampness. This is where the annual servicing of the system can not only prevent a failure in the heating and cooling system but also save you a lot of money in the long run. Having a routine service call once a year will reveal anything that may be going wrong and allow the HVAC repair company to make a minor repair versus a major one that could end up costing thousands instead of hundreds. You, as the homeowner, can do things like clean out vents and change out filters as recommended, which will also save you money and allow you to continue to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment.


Many homeowners dismiss a few bugs floating around the home and regard it as normal. While you will never completely rid your home of insects and pests, you can keep things under control. Unfortunately, the only way to truly know what’s lurking beneath the floors or inside the walls is to have a home inspection by a professional pest control company. These service people are highly skilled and trained to look for certain habitat prone areas. Having someone come out and do a thorough search can end up saving you thousands. The biggest home destroyers in terms of damage are termites and carpenter ants. This is partially because they can remain out of site for a long time, all the while chewing through your wood and wires until a ceiling falls and they come through with it.

Owning a home is wonderful. It gives you your own personal sanctuary. Keeping it safe and comfortable for all members is important. Having a list of professional contractors that cover everything from your electric to your family’s safety will give you peace of mind.

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