How air coolers have been transformed in last 10 years

Air coolers have been the affordable alternatives for fans and air conditioners and have started gaining huge popularity over the course of time.  With so many brands coming up with new designs and types among the air coolers, people are now getting inclined towards purchasing these units according to their requirements. You can now easily find the best air coolers in India ranging from room coolers, duct coolers to jumbo coolers among several others.  Most of these appliances are evaporative in nature where the hot air from the outdoors is made to pass through the water and cooling pads which deflect cooler air. With the regular circulation of this flow, the overall temperature of the room comes down subsequently thus making the surrounding pleasant and bearable. The cooling pads play a major role in air coolers as the evaporation process takes place with the help of these.  They are available in two popular patterns which include the honeycomb style and the aspen style pads. Both of these styles have a variable water holding capacity and function differently on the passage of air. In this case, the aspen pads are considered to be more efficient than the honeycomb ones.

The air coolers are specially designed for working in the hot and dry climates. However, they come with the limit of air holding capacity. For instance, if the environment is already humid, then it will not be able to hold up more water and as a result, there would be no cooling effect on its part. Over the years, the topmost brands have developed a new technology which can control the humidity factor. These models can be availed by the manufacturers such as Bajaj and Symphony who are trying to make this technology more efficient so that the coolers can be used in the coastal regions as well. The material that is used in the making of the outer body has also seen a transformation and the steel body has now been replaced with the fiber one as the latter offers a better cooling efficiency. However, you can still avail the galvanized steel body units that provide a protective covering against rust for a longer interval of time.

When we talk about the power consumption factor in the air coolers, you would find that the air coolers consume less electricity when compared to the air conditioners which eventually would take down the overall cost that you would pay on your electricity bills.

Although the air coolers in India have seen a huge transformation for the past ten years, the tips for maintaining them haven’t changed over the course of time. As an expert advice, you should provide proper ventilation in the room when you are using the air cooler as that would cool the room faster than usual. Cleaning is important from time to time to avoid foul smell that might arise due to continuous humidity. You can even choose to add ice chilled water if it is a hot day and you want the temperature to lower down fast.

At last, if you have been looking for best air coolers in India, then some of the popular brands just have the right models for you. Right from Kenstar, Symphony, Bajaj, Orient, Crompton, and several others you can select the one that would serve the right purpose to you. Make sure that you choose the air coolers according to the size of your room in order to make the best use of it. With so many options to offers, air coolers do have an edge over other appliances that are best for use in the summers.

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