How Great LeDAB Is


LeDAB is well known by a lot of people and that is because of the services that this company offers to their buyers. To the people who do not have any slightest idea as to what this online shop is all about, it is a place where you can buy various kinds of products that are just waiting to be sold, like for an example, lab equipment and supplies. In addition to that, LeDAB also does deliveries. The products that the LeDAB own are all made from the best material that there is.

Some of the products that LeDAB sells are:

  • Vacuum Chambers
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Vacuum Ovens
  • Rosin Heat Presses
  • Digital Heat Pads
  • Solvents, Extractors and its accessories
  • Safety Devices

Open Blast Extractors vs. Closed Column Extractors

One of the best services that the LeDAB offers is extraction, but for some of the customers, they would find it hard to understand the differences between the Open Blast Extractors and Closed Column Extractors in LeDAB. To make it simple, the open blast extractor is easier to use, which is why most of the beginners prefer to choose this extractor.

The easiest form of extraction between the two is the open blasting, all that is there to do, is to just fill the column with any plant material, then place the cap and blow the top of it, by doing this the extraction will start.

While on the other hand, once the closed column extractor is filled and completely closed from top to bottom, the extraction will not yet start, instead, the plant material will be soaked in the column before the extraction of it starts. And if a great amount of solvents is added into it, this will increase the pressure and will surely create a strong blast. The advantage that the closed column extractor has over open blast extractor is the choices or options that it can give to the one who operates it.

LeDAB is not just famous because of its products, but also because of how good their staff and employees are. Their employees had been taught to make sure that their customers are well served, in order to them not to complain and to give good feedbacks. The positive comments are essential to them because the comments will be used in order to gain the trust of the customers who are newly introduced to the LeDAB.


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