How Lucky is This Lucky Bamboo Plant?

You must have heard and seen the lucky bamboo plant but if you still don’t know or want to know how lucky these lucky bamboo plants are, you must read this write-up. Can actually keeping a lucky plant change your luck overnight? Well, if you keep the right kind of lucky bamboo plant in your home or office, you would definitely create your own destiny with blessings from the god of good luck.


Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese belief that propagated the benefits of lucky bamboo plant says that the bamboo is filled with some peaceful and wise energy that showers good luck on people. To achieve the best possible results from a lucky bamboo, you must ensure that all the 5 major elements of Feng Shui are present in the lucky bamboo that you have bought. They are:


Wood: It is represented by the stalks of the bamboo

Earth: It is represented by the rocks or pebbles inside the container or plant pot and that is best in the brown color.

Water: It is represented where the bamboo grows

Fire: It is represented by the containers and stalks that are tied with red ribbon generally.

Metal: It is represented by a glass container inside which the stalks are kept and in case if glass is not used, a coin can often be used at the bottom of the container.


The implication of different stalks of lucky bamboo plants are given below and you must know their meanings to improve your luck.


2 Bamboo Stalks: They say that every good things come in pair. Two stalks of lucky bamboo is believed to bring abundance in your sector of love. So, if you want to increase the love quotient in your life, you must buy this lucky bamboo plant and place it in your home.


3 Bamboo Stalks: As per the Chinese belief, there would be happiness, longevity, and a bright career in your life if you place this lucky bamboo plant in home. You may present this plant with three stalks to your son/daughter or brother/sister and help them grow in life.


5 Bamboo Stalks: To attract positive and healthy energy in five major areas of life such as mental, emotional, physical, intuitive, and spiritual, buying a lucky bamboo plant is considered good.


6 Bamboo Stalks: If you are going through a bad financial patch in your life, bring a bamboo plant with 6 stalks as that enhances increase in wealth.


7 Bamboo Stalks: Health is wealth said all wise men of this earth. If you are not healthy, you cannot work for yourself or for your family. So, for an overall development in your health sector, place a seven stalk lucky bamboo plant in home and enjoy its fruits.


8 Bamboo Stalks: It is believed that bringing a lucky bamboo plant with eight stalks enhances positive energies to increase fertility.


10 Bamboo Stalks: To attract all the good and great things in life, you definitely need this beneficial lucky bamboo plant. You can gift this bamboo plant with ten stalks to a newly married couple or as a housewarming gift to a dear friend.