How Real Estate Scripts Work

If you’re a real estate agent, knowing what to talk about during a call can be difficult. It’s part of the job to call and talk with people, but knowing the right things and expressions to say can be stressful. One wrong move and it could cost you a sale or even a client. Thankfully though, there are real estate scripts.

How Real Estate Scripts Work

Real estate scripts are specially designed templates that help you with knowing what to say during an important call. They will have prompts and full paragraphs and will help you to better communicate with potential customers. This can help you with sealing deals and growing your business. These scripts also usually come with special follow-ups which you can use to keep communication open with your clients so you can be in constant contact with them.

Tom Ferry’s Real Estate Scripts

Tom Ferry’s Real Estate Scripts offer helpful advice as well as useful real estate prompts you can use. You can access these scripts through free PDF downloads. You’ll find 4 different script documents that you can choose from with these downloads. You can pick the scripts that are most ideal for your situation or use all of them. Below are the 4 downloads you can use and what they’ll help you with.

Dialogues for Breakthrough Conversations

Dialogues are included in almost all real estate scripts. However, sometimes some scripts aren’t very detailed and can leave you wondering what to say in certain situations. This isn’t the case with Tom Ferry’s Real Estate Scripts. These scripts are meticulously created so every detail is accounted for. You won’t be left wondering what to say which otherwise could end up leading to you losing clients.

Listing Appointment Dialogues

One of the most important aspects of real estate is landing listing appointments and sales. Included in this download is a special listing appointment brochure. This can help you to successfully create listing appointments so you can work to land sales and gain more clients.

19 Point Marketing Plan

You’ll find a specially created 19 point marketing plan download. This will help you with creating successful investments and how to creatively market your business. It’s a step-by-step guide that will help you better understand the market and how to sell in it.

9 Ways to Win Listings

This script download will help you with learning how to win listings. It will include 9 great ways to help you win contracts for your agency.

After downloading these helpful training documents, you can also receive a free real estate coaching consultation. This consultation will help to guide you through certain steps. If you like the free consultation you can sign up for Tom Ferry Real Estate Coaching which can give you even more helpful tips and ideas.

There are plenty of other helpful scripts available as well for you to use. You can find Tom Ferry scripts for online real estate videos, ones for dealing with objections, and some for dealing with referrals. No matter what your situation, Tom Ferry’s real estate scripts have you covered.