How to choose the kitchen faucet?

Have you ever thought about whom is the most stressed in the kitchen? The question makes you smile and probably the answer will leave you speechless. Yes, if you are thinking about the tap, your daily ally, you are right so far. It is the kitchen component with the highest level of stress. Had you ever noticed? You use it all the time, every day and several times a day, to wash the dishes, rinse a glass, fill a bowl to clean the fruit, put the water in the pot to cook the pasta and then again, to wash your hands or simply drink a glass of water. On the contrary, it is the Kitchen faucets that is the most stressed in the kitchen. On average, you use it even more than 100 times a day.

Longevity and resistance over time

When choosing a kitchen faucet, this is the most important aspect to keep in mind. It is essential, precisely for the huge use you make every day of this component, to buy a model that is not only aesthetically beautiful but above all durable and durable over time. Solidity and quality of the materials used are indispensable plus.


Single lever or two handles, chrome, satin, stainless steel or even colored. Even the eye wants its part and this is also true in the kitchen. But design, understood as a harmonious union of form and function and aesthetics must go hand in hand with the quality of the materials used. It is also preferable to choose components with a clean design, timeless charm and products of a valuable brand. You will spend so much time in the company of your faucet after all.

Comfort and functionality

Very often you use the kitchen mixer with wet hands, or busy to hold pots or dishes, so here is the practicality of using this component becomes essential. The tap must be simple to use and harmoniously combine aesthetics and functionality to be operated in a few gestures and in total comfort. Also it is good to choose the model based on the space you have available for its placement. Dimensions could influence the choice of the most suitable model for your sink.

Attention to the consumption of water and energy

Saving water and energy also paying attention to the sustainability of the products you decide to bring into your homes. It is therefore good, even in the choice of the mixer for the kitchen, to choose a product that can ensure a rational use of water and energy, avoiding waste and ensuring maximum comfort at the same time.

Conclusion: warranty

Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, components of the highest quality, a team of internal designers and technology guarantees on its taps a guarantee of 5 years as evidence of the company’s ongoing commitment to in the first place the satisfaction and safety of its customers through increasingly performing and sustainable products and a high quality after-sales service. Another feature is that of after-sales assistance which is always good to check the mode and reliability before making any purchase.