How To Clean Blocked Drains Like A Pro?

Drains are hidden heroes in your home. You will not pay attention to it, until and unless they are blocked. Hair, grease, foliage are some of the common reasons to get your drains blocked.

When your sink takes a bit longer to drain, that will be an alarm that you need to give some attention to it. If you’re lucky enough then years may pass on without any problem, on the other hand, sometimes it needs repair now and then.

Don’t try to clean drains unless you are well equipped and trained. It may sound an easy job but is very tricky to perform. Here are the ways as to how you can clean blockage of the drains like a pro.

  • Usage of Liquids: Nowadays, many chemicals are available in the market to get rid of blockage problems. You can easily shop for them by reviewing the products. These products are very easy and safe to be used on small jamming problems.
  • Professional cleaning: You can easily unplug the stopped up drains just like a professional, but for that, you need to have some plumbing tools that are available at any hardware store. The first tool needed will be a Plunger. Plunger creates a vacuum, by changing the pressure in drains. With the effect of pressure, the clogging may breakdown. As a result, the blockage may be cleared instantly. This method may sound simple to you, but a little negligence in selecting the plunger or the use of inadequate technique may cause serious damage to your drainage system.

If cogs are deep inside the drain pipe, tools like plumber’s snake or a cable auger will be required. Due to its elongated pipe, this weapon can easily reach the area of blockage. Plumber’s snake works opposite to Plunger. Snake will help you to pull out the clog easily.

Auger is designed especially for toilets problem. Equipped with a hand crank as well as having a bent end it gets easily fit through the tight curves. For your convenience, an electric auger is also launched which proves to be very effective in cutting any clog very easily.

How to unblock sinks, bathtubs, and showers using a cup plunger?

The water level should be above the plunger cup always. You should put the plunger in su8ch a manner so that it covers the opening. Now apply your force to push down the plunger, till the time it reaches the drain and afterward pulls it out with equal force. Apply equal pressure at the time of pushing and pulling, and you should repeat this process at least 2-3 times. If you are have succeeded, instantly water sound can be heard that was resting on top of blocked drains.

Using of the plunger or pouring chemicals may sometimes prove to be insufficient for clearing of debris. Despite your efforts, if drains remain clogged, then you should immediately go for hiring a professional as continued efforts may sometimes cause serious harm to your drain pipes.

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