How to Find the Right Residential Painting Contractor

Painting is among the more popular projects that homeowners enjoy planning. Regardless of the extent of the project, you can benefit hugely if you hire the right painting contractors for your home.


There are several elements you should consider when looking for the ideal painting contractor to complete your residential painting project.

Level of Experience

One of the first things you should find out about a painting contractor is how much experience the company has overall.


The painting trade can have a high turnover, which makes it necessary to see how long a business has been in practice to determine if it’s worth working with in the end. Two years or longer is the ideal amount of experience a company should have.

Determine if the Company Hires Employees or Subcontractors

Painters should always come with insurance, which will be different depending on whether or not the contractor’s painters are employees or subcontractors.


Direct employees will receive a paycheck from the company directly, with workers’ comp and general liability insurance policies covering them under the company. However, if they are subcontractors, they will have their own personal insurance policies.


Regardless, you should receive a copy of proof of insurance for the contactor and any subcontractors, if needed.


A good painting contractor should be happy to offer references that you can call prior to making a hiring decision just like a remodeler would. Consider it a bright red flag if your contractor isn’t willing or is unable to give you any references, as this indicates they’ve rarely left customers satisfied.


Never work with a contractor without a license or insurance. Prior to settling with a painting company, you should also make sure they have a state-issued license, along with general liability and workers’ comp insurance, as this will protect them, you, and your home at all times throughout the project.

Accurate Estimates

A reputable contractor should be able to include an accurate estimate with all aspects of a paint project included.


The estimate should include the overall scope of the project, all of the materials used, and the amount of required prep work in a written contract that’s formally presented. Be wary of an estimate provided shoddily on the back of a business card or on a handwritten note that gives little details outside of a singular price.


A good painting contractor will also provide you with a guarantee such as a warranty on the preparation and application process, along with the guarantee offered on the products by paint manufacturers. Guarantees should also be written down along with all other details regarding the project.

Get at Least Three Bids Before Deciding

Try to find out all of the above information from at least three companies. Once they have all provided you with a complete estimate, you can compare prices, reputations, and overall likelihood of getting the job done right, and make your decision.


Once you have selected the right painting contractor for the job, you’ll be on your way to a successful painting project that stays within your allotted budget while giving you the best possible results.

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