How to Get Smoke Alarm Installation Services

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Every home and business needs to get a smoke alarm installation service on the Sunshine Coast. In Australia, there are more than 100,000 fire-related incidents yearly. More than 300 people die every year due to this, and a further 4,000 need hospitalisation due to injuries. These are alarming numbers, considering it can all be preventable by installing a simple device.

Research shows that deaths and injuries due to fire are most common in places where the occupants don’t know there’s something going on. By the time they realise there’s a fire, it’s too late to get out. Alarms are effective in making these incidents known immediately, giving occupants time to escape. This reduces the risk of fatalities significantly.

If you’re looking to get these devices, here are a few tips that should help.

What type of device do you need?

These come in two basic varieties. The first type functions through ionisation. These are fitted with electrodes that continually ionise the air. When a fire happens, the device detects alpha particles in the air, altering the ionisation process. This is what triggers the alarms. This design does best to fires that burn fast. However, it can take much longer for it to respond to smouldering fires.

Photoelectric systems function by constantly putting out light beams into the area. This measures the air’s density. The more light passes through, the less dense it is. Fire by-products are thick and will automatically trigger the system. Because it’s so efficient, they work best on small, smouldering fires.

Obviously, these two designs have their limitations. Photoelectric systems don’t do well with huge fires but can catch them at the source. On the other hand, Ionisation systems will respond immediately to large fires. To get the best of both worlds, it’s a good idea to get a combination system instead.

Get it professionally installed.

Once you have a system, call a service provider to have it professionally installed. DIY installations may seem like a more cost-effective choice. However, it’s hard to tell if the device is working properly. Brisbane smoke alarm testing specialist is more suited to installing these systems.

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