How To Handle Heavy Furniture Transportation

 Learn how to handle heavy furniture transportation in order to move this huge sofa

One of the most difficult questions you can ask yourself when moving is how to handle heavy furniture transportation. There is a proper way to deal with it, depending on your preferences. It can be full house relocation or just small room to room furniture moving. Nevertheless, in both cases, it is really hard a troublesome work. So, the best way to evade any problems on your way is to be informed and properly prepared for your moving. In this case, always a good thing is to get help and provide all the equipment you will need.

Decide if it’s worth the trouble

It depends on how you are looking at the situation ahead, but moving is an excellent opportunity to get rid of all the unnecessary furniture. Bring it down to two simple questions: Do you really need that piece of furniture? And… Is it worth having it in your new living place? Of course, there will always be some personal reasons for making final decisions, as the sentimental attachment to your belongings. Another thing is the condition of your furniture. If it’s old and worn out it doesn’t make too much sense to bring it along. It doesn’t make much sense to have additional expenses for an old piece you will throw away in the near future anyway.

An old sofa with sentimental value.

You can have a lot of good memories of it, but is it really worth keeping?

On the practical side, there are some basic items most people will necessarily take with them in most cases:

  • Kitchen appliances like cooker, fridge, large tables.
  • Appliances like washing machine and dishwasher.
  • Wardrobes.
  • Instruments like piano and things like fine arts.
  • Pets habitats like aquariums and terrariums.

Equipment for heavy furniture transportation

If you decide to handle heavy furniture by yourself, you must have moving equipment appropriate for doing so. Equipment such as straps and carts so you can maneuver your items which will normally be impossible. If you don’t have them already, or can’t get it from friends, consider buying them or hire professionals to do the job. There are 3 basic kinds:

  • Sliders – in most cases they are plastic disks that can fit under your heavy furniture so that you can slide it without much effort. Even across rough surfaces like carpets.
  • Lifting straps – lifting straps or strong ropes that use the principle of basic leverage with your own strength and body to do the lifting.
  • Furniture dollies – flat boards with wheels. An ideal tool for moving large furniture previously secured with straps and ropes.

Another thing to be aware of, when learning how to handle heavy furniture transportation, is your protection. Taking more than you can handle can lead to some serious injuries. This is not something that can be taken lightly so here are a few bits of advice on how to do it properly:

  1. Absolutely always get help when dealing with heavy furniture.
  2. Don’t lift with your back, use your legs instead.
  3. Wear proper clothing and additional protective gear like gloves and shoes with frontal protection.
  4. Be extra cautious when dealing with stairs.

Packing and protecting furniture and doorways

While maneuvering with your heavy furniture there is always a chance you will damage something. Whether it is the furniture itself or walls and doorways in your home. Think about the packing materials you will need. Household possessions like blankets, clothes, even old magazines can come handy but consider buying additional packing materials. Things like boxes, ropes, duct tapes, and packing fillers may all be necessary, especially if you are doing a full relocation. Besides your furniture, you may need to protect and pack your smaller and fragile items. If you are not sure if it’s worth buying all these stuff then maybe it’s time to call professionals with different moving assistance options you can choose from.

 Bad furniture packing box.

There is a way to do the thing right, and there are other ways.

How to move and maneuver with heavy furniture

When it comes to moving your furniture it’s important to learn how to handle heavy furniture around tight corners. Setting it upright may work in some cases but if it’s a really large piece you will have to think of the other way. Whatever the steps are, balancing the weight when carrying is a must, along with other few precautions:

  • Measuring – make sure you measure everything so that that all your furniture will fit your new home.
  • Lighten the load – remove any items contained inside your furniture and any removable attachments on the outside.
  • Clear the space – move everything from your pathways to prevent damage or injuries.
  • Remove doors – if it’s necessary, and you need just a few more inches than removing doors. As for windows, when you are moving large furniture to a downstairs house, it can be a helpful option to consider.
  • Prepare a new place – repeat all steps in your new home

Cleared doorway for moving furniture.

You can’t really move things a lot in a tight space, can you?

Find the best movers

If none of the above works for you then it’s time to hire professional movers. There are a lot of moving companies which offer various types of services and are easy to find online. For example, one of them is However, you need to be careful and do good research about who you will hire. Moving companies have a necessary experience and appropriate equipment for any kind of transportation you ask. Price can vary a lot so ask about quotes and additional services, and compare them to see which company is the best for you.

Successful moving depends a lot on how you plan and organize your moving in general. The amount of effort and stress you will experience is directly dependent on a good and a bad moving strategy you are applying. You must know how to handle heavy furniture transportation in order to prepare and survive your moving day. Taking enough time to get yourself ready for the big day is worth it since it will leave you more time to deal with other important things later on. With this in mind, you can rest assured your new life in your fresh home will have the most pleasant beginning.