How to Make a Room Visually Larger?

It is true that less detail will give the room a more open look, but will not make it look visually larger. Fortunately, there are numerous tricks to achieve not only an effect, but also a feeling that the room is bigger than in reality.

In the following text provided by luxury homes in toronto for sale, read some tips on how to equip your interior so that you get a spacious and comfortable look even in a small room.

Decorate the ceiling

People often mistakenly think that in order for the room to look larger, the ceiling must be white. However, you can freely rotate it in some pastel shade, or decorate a poster with an interesting motif (pout of the image of the day sky). An unusual color will draw the viewer’s view up, which creates an illusion that the room is larger than it is.

Avoid the combination of dark floors and walls

Dark colors bring the feeling of warmth, pride and comfort to the space. However, in a room of small dimensions you should never combine under a dark wood covered with darkened tinted walls, as this duo will absorb light and visually reduce the room. To enlarge the room, choose a contrast – a dark floor and a bright wall, or decorate the whole room in bright tones.

Choose the stripes

In fashion it is well known that correctly installed stripes on the clothes visually stretch and shape the figure. The same rule can be applied in the interior decoration – the vertical strip will optically elongate the room. In order to achieve this effect, one detail is sufficient, for example striped carpet.
Furniture with glass or reflective elements

Glazed furniture, such as a glass table or shelves with reflective doors, is a great solution for small rooms. Namely, parts of transparent glass create optical illusion, because they look like they are not physically present in the room. In this way, the room looks bigger and empty, even when there are more pieces of furniture in it.

Transparent mirror

The mirrors can completely change the look of the room smell because they reflect light and open space. However, instead of a few smaller models scattered all over, select a oversized mirror, as the large reflective surface will create the impression that the room is twice as large as in reality.

Forget the curtains

If you want to enlarge the space with a simple trick, remove curtains, and even blinds. Fully bare windows bring the feeling of open space into the room and will significantly increase the room’s visibility. However, if you live on the ground floor and want to maintain privacy, you can add light, semi-transparent white draperies that will protect you from the curious eyes, while giving the room a subtle, airy look.

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