How to Modernise My Commercial Space

When modernizing your commercial space it is important to get it right. This is where prospective clients may get the first impression of your business and could be the difference between signing on the dotted line or walking away.

It is also the place where employees are encouraged to be productive and according to Gensler’s Workplace Performance Index, the right office design can boost an employees performance by 20% – more information on employee productivity can be found here.

Here are five areas to focus on when modernising your commercial space;

Gone are the traditional overhead box lights. Instead, try replacing them with spotlights that can bring a more vibrant feel. Dotting about some floor lamps can also make the environment more appealing to both workers and clients.

Whatever your business, it’s worth putting some thought into the flooring. Your floor no longer has to look drab and choosing the right floor could lift and modernise your look. Visit JHS Carpets who are carpet suppliers who can create a modern bespoke look.

Plants alone can raise employee satisfaction by 15% and while they may seem like an unnecessary expense, that extra boost of morale will work wonders. Make your commercial space feel fun and funky to work in.

Stick to low maintenance options such as Snake or Spider Plants, that require very little sunlight and do well in shaded areas.

The Walls
When splurging on some paint for your walls it’s important to consider what you want to achieve. As Millenials will tell you, a fun and comfortable environment can make all the difference. Modernise your office with some creative artwork.

Have a look at any local art schools to find modern pieces of work that won’t break the bank and may prove to be a good investment.

Alternatively, Etsy can provide an array of fantastic options for some creative pieces you will love.

Update Technology
It goes without saying, technology is the future. You can update your workspace by keeping up to date with technology. No longer are old antiquated filing cabinets needed. This can give an archaic look to your business, so ditch the old paper since and go paper-free.

To succeed in business, you must keep moving with the times and your commercial space is no different. By modernising your environment, this gives a clear message to staff and clients alike; you mean business.

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