How to Move in Bad Weather

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Ultimately, moving days aren’t always the most ideal weather. A move however must go in rain, snow, sleet or even hail. The best way to be successful with a move is to be prepared. Dressing for the move is important and allows you to be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws you. When you’re preparing for a move and going through the mortgage process, you should also consider ways to make a move, even in bad weather, successful.

Moving during light rain doesn’t usually cause many issues, however with heavy rain, it can be difficult to keep your things dry. Furniture can be covered with plastic wrap or moving pads. Make sure that there are no leaks inside the moving trucks and that rain cannot come into the truck when it’s being loaded or unloaded so your items stay secure and most importantly, dry.

If you’re moving during winter time, it’s important that all driveways and/or sidewalks are clear of snow or ice. If it is snowing while you’re moving, cover moving pads with towels, blankets or moving pads. While moving during harsh weather is doable, in some severe instances, it may be better to cancel or to postpone a move in order to ensure everyone involved stays safe. Also, a lot of time when we move, we already have turned off our utilities, keep a portable heater on (and your electric one more day), so that yourself and those helping you to move can warm up when needed.

If you’re moving during sunny, hot weather, it can be just as difficult. Make sure that you wear ample sunscreen to prevent from getting a sunburn. Also, keep hydrated to avoid heat stroke or exhaustion. Take frequent breaks during heavy lifting times too.

No matter what type of weather you experience during a move, by being prepared for the worst, you can ensure that the experience goes off without a hitch.