How to Pack Your Belongings (and home appliances) for your next move!

To pack your belongings and home appliances and move to another location can be stressful, tiring, and time consuming. One should keep in mind that all the items should be carefully packed with full security to reduce the risk of damage.  One should start the whole procedure with proper planning, being extra careful about the transport of pets and antiques present in your home. You can create a schedule for packing different items and aim to complete each task within the allotted time frame. People can also seek the help of experienced removalists like Santa Fe Wridgways, which offers door to door moving services.

Start with packing material

You may need some quality packing material to wrap important belongings. You can make use of bubble wrap, old newspapers, tissues, tape, scissors, and permanent marker.  You should use different sized boxes that can fit in all your belongings. Different types of boxes are available in the market for carrying bulky items, ornaments, and light furnishings including wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes.3

Pack items

Work your way through each room and label each box packed for identification. Pay attention to valuables such as jewelry and important documents while moving in the vehicle. Insurance certificates, small valuables, health records, passports, and chargers should be hand carried to your new home.

Pay attention

Handle packed items with care. Remember that heavy items should always be placed at the bottom. Label the boxes according to what’s inside and store each one in a designated space or room.

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