How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for Spring

Preparing your greenhouse for Spring is possibly one of the most important tasks of the year; getting all your pots, seeds and greenhouse staging ready is critical for a good growing season. You might not be the biggest fan of cleaning – but cleaning your greenhouse is an essential job in any gardener’s horticultural calendar.

A deep clean is definitely the way to approach this; it is the only way to eradicate the garden pests and the build up of germs that will be detrimental to your new plant growth. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the winter cold will have killed off all the harmful insects; aphids and other pests such as slugs and snails can survive in the warmer temperatures of your greenhouse, biding their time until Spring to attack your new seedlings.

Follow these steps to ensure that your greenhouse is in the best possible shape for Spring; setting you up for growing success!

Clean on a warm day

This is definitely a top tip; by cleaning on a warm day you can fully empty the greenhouse, which means that no area of the greenhouse will be untouched. If the weather is warm enough, you can pop your plants outside with no protection – but if it is still a little cold, wrap them first! You can use a blanket or fleece-like material.

Start with the floors

When it comes to cleaning the greenhouse, sweep the floor first. This will reveal any pests hiding in corners and you’ll be able to spot any low points in the floor where water could settle. You’ll also want to remove any dead plant matter at this stage.

Scrub the glass

Essential if you want you new seedlings to thrive, by scrubbing the glass you’ll be breaking down the algae or mildew that has built up on your greenhouse. Use hot soapy water and a bristle brush to scrub the glass clean, a pipe cleaner is a useful tool for cleaning in between the cracks and crevices between the panes of glass. Once this has been done, it is easy to maintain by simply keeping a soft brush to hand so you can use it to remove dirt, leaves, cobwebs that dirty the frame. Crucial as you don’t want this to limit the amount of sunlight able to reach your new plants.

Replenish the soil

Taking care of the soil, it is a vital element for growing success. Partially replacing the compost in the growing beds guarantees that your new plants will have enough nutrients and are free from disease. It makes sense to give your greenhouse a fresh start on the growing season.

Disinfect everything

Everything means everything! This includes pots, planters, shelves, hose nozzles, benches and all garden tools. You can use hot soapy water for this, or an eco-friendly disinfectant – but make sure that everything gets a thorough washing and rinsing.

Check the outside

Carefully inspect the outer perimeter of your greenhouse, checking for any signs of pests and fix them accordingly. Now is the ideal time to repair any bits of wear-and-tear on the greenhouse too; keeping insects out is vital

This might be the best time to invest in some new greenhouse staging, ready to go for the new growing season. Giving your greenhouse a fresh start for Spring will set your growing off to a great start, after completing all these steps you can be sure you’ve prepared for Spring in the best way.

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