How to Take the Stress Out of Moving

Anyone who has ever had to pack up all of their worldly belongings, haul them all to a new location, then unpack and reorganize everything knows, this isn’t the most fun a person can have on a weekend. It’s stressful, time-consuming and extremely laborious, which is enough to make anyone hate it. I want to lay out a few steps that you can take to make this whole process much easier. To take all of the stress out of moving altogether, simply hire a full-service moving company. If you prefer not to spend the money, follow these steps:

  1. Start Packing Early

The earlier that you start packing, the easier that the whole process will be. If you are moving in the summertime, start by packing up all of your winter gear. You should have a pretty good idea of the things that you use frequently in your day to day life, and where things are that haven’t been touched in months. Anything that you haven’t used in a while can be packed up first as well. As you get closer to your actual moving date, continue to pack up your belongings until only the essentials remain. In the final week before the move, pack up a suitcase with everything you will need for the next week (prior to the move) as well as the things you will need the first week in your new house. This way, all of your things get packed up slowly over time, rather than committing an entire day to it right before you leave.

  1. Label Everything

As each and every box gets packed up, label it as specifically as possible. On the outside of the boxes, write what the box contains (again, be as specific as possible) as well as which room the box will belong in once you arrive at your new abode. While labeling every box seems like it would be an extra step that adds a significant amount of timing into moving, it will absolutely be worth it. Once you move in, the things you need will be found easily rather than digging through boxes for hours. Also, as things are being carried in they can be easily unloaded directly into the room that they belong in. The more that you can label, the easier that unpacking will be.

  1. Get Help

Ask your friends and family for help, and do it early so that they can plan around your moving day. Ask as many people as possible, because not everyone will have the ability or desire to spend a day moving heavy objects. The more people you ask, the more help you will receive (in a perfect world). Do them a favor and have everything packed up before the day arrives to expedite the process. Since you are moving yourself, rather than hiring a moving company, I’m going to assume that you don’t want to spend a ton of money. That being said, make sure that there is a cooler full of beverages on ice to keep your helpers hydrated. If your budget allows it, buy everyone helping you lunch (pizza is a great option here) as a thank you for the people taking the time out of their day to haul your things around.

One thing that I want to quickly reiterate in closing, hiring a professional moving company is the easiest way to accomplish this task. If you do decide to go this route, make sure that the company is licensed as a mover and has insurance that protects your belongings. Things do occasionally get broken and damaged during moves, and having an insured company doing this for you will ensure that your things get replaced quickly and without an expense to you. Last thing, don’t forget to enjoy your new house!

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