Installing Stone Garden Steps

Replacing worn-out garden steps really can make a huge difference to gardens, completely transforming them and making them look brand new. If you are looking to provide your garden with a more inviting entry and looking to ensure that you have the best steps in your neighbourhood, this blog post is for you. Today we are going to be discussing how to install garden steps in the most beneficial ways to ensure that they look as great as possible.

Step One

First of all you need to choose which type of natural stone steps that you would like in your garden.  Some of the most popular natural stone choices for garden steps include yorkstone, limestone, sandstone, Portland stone, slate and granite

Step Two

Next you need to determine what size your steps are going to be. The correct formula for the ideal relationship between height and depth of each step is: Twice the rise and the run should be 25 to 27 inches. If the space that you are working on is uneven you need to take time and ensure that you have accurate measurements to work with before you start.

Step Three

Now it is time to it the stones for the treads and risers. Stones should be marked with a carpenters pencil and then scored and chiselled using a sledgehammer. When you are cutting stone, you MUST wear the appropriate safety gear such as gloves and protective goggles.

Step Four

A one inch layer of mortar should now be spread and stone should be laid one riser and tread at a time and banged gently into place using a rubber mallet. Joints should then be left for several days so that they can dry before the steps are used.

Installing garden steps might sound easy but it can be tough, especially when looking to install them in ways that they look the best that they can. If you have any doubts about installing steps yourself, you should employ a garden designed and landscaper to assist you, who will be able to take all of the hard work away from you and leave you with steps better than you ever imagined.

What are you waiting for? Get the steps of your dreams today and don’t forget to share your before and after pictures with us.


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