Is It Necessary to Offer Tips to Movers?

Hiring movers will make your life easier when changing residence from one city to the other or within the same city. They will provide you an efficient and hassle-free service.

After the moving company finally completes its work then you have to clear his bill. Now the question is after clearing the bill, is it also necessary to pay them certain additional tips too.

Should you tip?

As per most of the customers, it will be right to pay them a tip too. Afterall they have taken very good care of all your goods during the movement, loaded and unloaded all your heavy items and hence to appreciate their efforts you must pay them a tip.

They may not demand tips from you however if you do not pay a tip then they will probably assume that you are not too happy with their services. So, you must pay tips.

How much tip is justified?

It is not necessary to pay 15 to 20 per cent of the bill amount, as that will be too large an amount that you may be paying for many other services.

You can pay $20 to each of the movers or if you think that they have taken lots of pain to lift your luggage to higher floors then pay around $30 to $50 to each mover based on your budget and/or your level of satisfaction.

What are the factors to consider while offering tips? 

Usually $20 to each mover is a minimum amount that you need to pay as tip. However, if you wish to consider paying little extra then you must consider following few factors:

  1. Was the move too complicated?
  2. Was the climatic condition too severe?
  3. What was the quality of service provided?

When you should not tip at all?

There are few reasons when you need not pay any tip at all. Following are few conditions when you must avoid paying a tip:

  1. If the movers reached too late and did not even apologize for coming so late.
  2. If the movers were too rude and disrespectful to you and your family.
  3. If they damaged your item due to their carelessness.



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