Is Your Home Not Staying as Cool as It Should? 3 Minor Problems You Might Be Have

With summer approaching, if your home isn’t staying as cool as it should, it might not be due to a faulty air conditioner. Before you call the repair technician, here are three problems that could be preventing your air conditioner from doing its job.

Inadequate Attic Ventilation

Take a look in your attic. If you don’t have attic fans, you could be undermining your air conditioners ability to do its job properly. You might not realise this, but inadequate attic ventilation could cause your home to stay hotter than it should. If you don’t have attic fans, you should have them installed. The fans will circulate the air, which will pull the warm air out of your home.

Faulty Weather Stripping

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced the weather stripping around your doors and windows, it might be time to do that now. Faulty, or outdated weather stripping can allow warm air to seep into your home. When that happens, your air conditioner won’t be able to keep the air cool, which means it’ll keep working harder and harder to cool down your home. You can reduce the amount of energy your air conditioner has to use to cool down your home by installing new weather stripping around your doors and windows.

Improperly Placed Thermostat

If your air conditioner is shutting off before your home has cooled down properly, it might be due to an improperly placed thermostat. Set several portable thermometers in various areas of your home and then allow your air conditioner to run through a full cooling cycle. When the air conditioner shuts off, take a look at the thermostat. Once you know what the reading is, look at the portable thermometers. If the temperature readings are different, talk to your air conditioning repair technician about installing the thermostat somewhere else in your home. Your thermostat may be installed in an area that’s providing you with a false reading – such as a dark area of the house that stays several degrees cooler.

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping you as cool as it should, don’t call for repairs just yet. Use the troubleshooting guide provided here to see if you can isolate the problem. If the trouble persists, be sure to contact a qualified repair technician today.


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