Keeping Your Home Free of Bed Bugs


One of the most disgusting pest infestations a homeowner could encounter is the bed bug. These blood sucking insects live in and around the mattress of the bed and feast on your living body while you sleep. It sounds like these horrific insects were created right out of a Dean Koontz novel, and bed bug infestations like this require pest control immediately.

So how do you get bed bugs? Bed bugs are like hitchhikers and can be picked up along the way as you travel from destination to destination. Often found in lower end hotels and motels, if not treated immediately, bed bugs can migrate from room to room feeding on the blood of unknowing guests as they sleep. Bed bugs prefer soft places to rest and reside, making beds, couches, and clothing ideal place to nest while you sleep. If your luggage is on the floor, bed bugs can make their way into the luggage without you having any knowledge of it. As you pack your belongings, these blood sucking insects will travel with you back home. This is a common way for bed bugs to get transferred into your home.

Other means of transportation for the insect and its eggs are if you purchase used furniture. Couches and loveseats are just as cosy for bed bugs as beds are. Buying used furniture and transporting it into your home without proper cleaning is not advised. You should shampoo the carpet and furniture for obvious reasons, but also treating the love seat with pest control intentions is highly advised. It’s not uncommon and should be considered before moving any used furniture into the home.

Bed bugs can be hard to identify at first as they mostly stay out of site in hidden crevices and seems. They typically come out to feed and have a very unique smell if it really is an infestation. The excrement from bed bugs can be found on lighter colors of furniture and is easy to identify. The staining that occurs is an obvious sign of bed bugs and if you find enough staining you it will become obvious if you have an infestation or not.

If you find that you do have a bed bug problem you will have a few options. You can hire a pest control company to come in and exterminate the problem, then continue to treat it for the next few months to make sure all the bed bugs and their eggs are dead. The other option is to throw the furniture away, treat the property, and buy new furniture. Depending on how bad the furniture was damaged by the bed bugs should determine the course of action you will end up taking.

For a quality home life, homeowners should be conscious of bed bugs and how they can be transferred into your home. Knowing how to identify them, and how to identify signs they leave behind like excrement will help you prevent infestations from occurring. No home should be subject to insect infestations, we are all deserving of a quality home life and we hope you find yours wherever you live.


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