Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure in A Time of Uncertainty

The unfortunate truth is that break-and-enter crimes have actually increased in many areas of our cities, and even our rural towns. In part this is because of the influx of drugs that can be made in bulk in home-based labs. Addicts will often seek out easy money, and turn to a life of crime in order to fuel their drug addictions. There are also many home burglaries that are the result of growing wealth inequality in our communities, where some people turn to opportunist theft in order to make ends meat.


Whatever the reason for the increase in home invasions and home burglaries, it is important to secure your home. Of course, many people are not entirely sure of the best ways to do this, especially given the plethora of alarms and other security devices on the market.

Steps to Securing Your Home

Opportunist thieves will always look for an easy way into a home or other premises. The truth is that they would much rather find and enter through a weak spot, than spend the time hacking through padlocks or strong security doors. It’s simply not worth their time! With this in mind, here are some of the best ways that you can secure your home and decrease the risk of being burgled:

  • Fencing: Strong and secure fencing is often your first point of defence against burglaries. Would a thief really bother climbing a tall fence, or trying to pick the padlock on a front gate? A physical barrier like a secure fence is certainly not insurmountable, but it does pose a deterrent to many burglars who may not have the time to make the effort.
  • Locks: It is important to have secure locks on both doors and on each window. Once more, it may not be an insurmountable problem for an organised thief to deal with, but it will take some extra time, and this is something that many burglars simply don’t have. Deadbolts are a good security option for front doors, and strong locks of this nature should also be fitted to windows. The key is to cover all of the weak points of the home.
  • Alarm system: Security alarms in Perth are a great integrated defence against any would-be burglars and other home breaking opportunists. If the thief does penetrate any physical barriers, such as fences or locked doors and windows, an integrated alarm system will then pick up their presence in the home. Motion sensors, perimeter systems for doors and windows, lights, and audible alarms, are the basic features of many alarm systems. These days, it is even possible to hook up an IP unit so that your alarm system can notify you via text message or email, if the alarm system is activ

Home Monitoring or Not?

Hooking up to a 24-hour home monitoring service may cost you a monthly fee, but it will also provide you with further peace of mind. The other benefit is that many insurance companies look upon this favourably, and provide a substantial discount on home and contents insurance rates. It is an option that is well worth keeping in mind, if you are looking to upgrade your home security.

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