Kinds of Roti

Roti is actually a flatbread that is generally made in a round shape by native Indians. It is actually made by stoneground wholemeal flour which in fact, known as ‘atta’ where water is mixed into dough to give the flour its traditional avatar. To make Roti in a more proper way we will recommend the Rotimatic, an amazing roti maker you can use to make roti. 

There are different types of roti and it is made by Indians in many different ways. The most popular method of baking a roti is a flatbread roti. There are other variations too like the Paratha and Puri. Generally, North Indians eat roti every day. North Indians usually eat roti with ‘sabzi’ or ‘curry’ and even with both of them. Everyone likes to eat 2-4 Rotis according to their diet. 

To make roti, you need basically 2 ingredients that are –  wholemeal flour (a mixture of atta and water). You can salt and some oil to make it more delicious. A roti is actually a close brother to Tortillas. There are a lot of variations of Roti. From North India to South India, roti has different variations. In some regions, it is baked more thinly while in some regions Rotis are made more thickly. Punjabis make roti thicker and call it paratha while Gujaratis make roti thinker and call it fafda. There are many kinds of rotis and in this article, we will provide differences between them. 

Different Collections of Roti


  • Akki Roti Recipe –  Akki means rice and roti implies the flatbread. So akki roti is basically a flatbread which is made by the mixture of rice flours and mixes vegetables. Akki roti is generally famous in Karnataka and it is served with coconut chutneys. 


  • Rumali Roti – Rumali Roti is one of the most famous Indian bread and it is generally made in a traditional manner. To make rumali roti you need Awadhi, Mughlai, and other Hyderabadi cuisines. Rumali rotis are very thin and soft and can be folded like a handkerchief; this is the reason they are known as ‘Rumali’ roti. The word ‘Rumali’ implies ‘handkerchief’ in Hindi.


  • Tandoori Roti – Tandoori rotis are also very famous and they are traditionally made in a tandoor. A tandoor is a kind of pot-shaped home oven. You can find tandoor generally in every Indian home. You can even make tandoori roti on tava too. A tandoori roti is generally served with enriched curry dishes. 



  • Missi Roti – Missi Roti is a type of flatbread that is made with the help of wheat flour and by adding a different kinds of spices. Missi rotis are generally famous in north India and very popular kind of roti all over the world. Some people even use methi while making Missi roti. 



  • Makke Di Roti – Makke di roti is a very famous Punjabi flatbread. If you combine Makke di roti with sarsoon da saag, and add butter on top, trust us, you will feel overwhelmed. You can even eat the roti with other saags too. 


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