Learn How to Minimize Plumbing Needs to Save Money in the Long Run

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When there is a leaky faucet or a clogged drain, you sometimes have no other choice but to call in a pro. There is nothing wrong in hiring a plumbing expert to deal with serious plumbing issues, but sometimes, you can save all that money by taking some precautionary measures and reducing the need to call them. Here are a few things you can do in this regard.

  • Be sure to tackle clogged drains as soon as possible. Any buildup of grease will eventually lead to a serious problem. You can find some products to limit the buildup of grease. Be sure to try a few of them to see what works best. Sometimes, pouring boiling hot water down the drain may also resolve the issue. Whatever you do, just ensure that you do not overlook the problem.
  • Do not let hair gather in the drain because it will eventually lead to a blockage. You may want to use specially designed drain covers to avoid this issue. You should also consider picking hair off the screen regularly to reduce the risk of having a clogged pipe.
  • Be sure to have your pipes installed in heated spaces to avoid dealing with frozen pipes. If some of the pipes are not already in heated spaces, you should invest in insulating them. It also a good idea to disconnect and drain the garden hoses before the weather turns really cold.
  • Do not use thread sealing compounds to fix leaky faucets, but use thread tape instead. That is mainly because thread sealing compound can drip and smear. Any plumbing fixtures that involve pipe threads should be fixed using thread tape. Buying a multipurpose tape is usually a better option here. Just ensure you go for thicker tape and always apply it counterclockwise to get the best results.
  • Make use of heat when trying to loosen tough pipe fittings. By paying attention to the pipes, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures will prevent serious issues. While correcting those minor issues, you should proceed sensibly. If you are finding it difficult to loosen water pipe fittings, do not sweat. Instead of using all your force with a pipe wrench, simply use heat to deal with old, solidified pipe dope. You can do it with a propane torch. Applying heat for a few minutes will do the trick.
  • Take steps to ensure that your water heater is working efficiently. Checking it periodically will prevent serious issues. It is also a good idea to ensure that the thermostat is not set too high. Instead of using high temperature setting, you should consider insulating the water heater’s tank. This way, you will be able to get hot water for long. Just ensure that you do not cover the thermostat while insulating the tank.

Keep all these points in mind and be sure to fix a plumbing issue the moment you notice it. If you think the problem needs a professional’s help, just be sure to call in an experienced plumber to take care of everything.


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