Let’s Know about Different Hoses

A hose is actually nothing but a long pipe which is flexible than normal pipe. Water, chemical, gas and other liquid materials pass through these hoses. You cannot use the same hose for different types of materials, for instance, the normal garden water hose cannot be used for passing gas. For this reason you need different types of hose and you must have a good idea about what kinds of hoses are available in the market. Here we will discuss about normal water hose, cold water hose, hydraulic hose, elastomer hose, chemical product hose, etc.

Normal Water Hose: These types of hoses are specially designed for normal water. When you spray water in your garden you actually use this type of hose. There are different quality and strength hoses are available such as normal garden hose, high pressure hose for using in your pressure washer machine. The high pressure hoses have lock system to attach with the machines. These types of hoses you can buy from any hardware shop beside your home.

Let’s Know about Different Hoses (1)

Hydraulic Hose: This type of hose is the right equipment used for cleaning purpose in construction sites. These hoses offer you additional strength that can tolerate immense pressure. You can also use them in iron foundries, bridge construction, processing metal services and structural and underground works. They are so strong that they can be also used with variety conventional blasting materials, cement and concrete as well. According to size and shape you can buy them from the market or order the manufacturers.

Elastomer Hose: These types of hoses are mostly used in pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They are flexible, homogenous, kink resistant and smooth. The crimping of coupling gap is minimized in these hoses. You will not find any gap or dead volume between lining and hose tail and there is no obstruction of inner cross-section. They are suitable for high requirements to medial purity and coupling types. You have to order for these types of hoses so that the manufacturer can make according to your need.

Chemical Product Hose:These hoses are mainly used for IBCs and barrels, containers, rail tankers, tankers and fixed installations. The characteristics of these hoses are ultra chemical resistant, smooth, UV resistant, temperature resistant, and universal and explosion proof. For chemical industries these hoses are must for your safety. You will get this type of hose in the market but for extra strength or length you have to place an order.

Hot or Cold Water Hose: The normal water hose cannot be used for hot water and cold water either. Hot and cold water hoses are different and are manufactured for water cleaning and blasting. They are suitable for hobby and professional water cleaning machines such as pressure washer. They can tolerate the pressure of hot water and cold water. They are featured with a sturdy and easy handling, with an efficient solution for blasting duties. You can easily buy them from the market or there are many different e-commerce sites form where you can get a home delivery.

We must have a good idea before we go to buy any kind of product. There are many companies who make good quality hoses and you have to find the suitable company. Before you buy, compare the prices in different companies. After all, you need to be safe and cost effective.

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