Life Can Be Easier With These Hot Tub And Spa Additions

For those who are young and able bodied, hopping into a hot tub or spa is really no problem; just climb over the side and you’re ready to enjoy the water. For those you are a little bit older then it’s not quite as easy. There is always the fear of slipping and for those with mobility problems then it would be impossible. There are however a number of additions you can make to your hot tub or spa that will make life so much easier and your hot tub will be accessible to any member of your family.

A decent set of steps is a must for any hot tub or spa owner, and which you choose is really down to your preference. For those who prefer a more natural look then go for a set of Wood Steps. Manufactured from fir, they are solid and sturdy and will take the weight of any member of the family easily.Image result for Life Can Be Easier With These Hot Tub And Spa Additions

The Dura Step is another good option that is both strong and attractive. The steps are easy to assemble and lock together in no time at all. They feature a large slip resistant step so you know you’ll always be safe when entering your spa and the reversible design means it’s suitable for either a round or square model.

Another possibility to consider is the Aqua Steps Deluxe. This design could be a better option for some as it features an optional drawer that slots in underneath the steps to provide a handy storage space for accessories or chemicals. These steps are manufactured from a waterproof material that include UV inhibitors so should give years of trouble free use and whichever steps you decide to go for you’ll be able to access your hot tub or spa far easier than before.

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