List of least secure vehicles of all time

The automotive industry has been around since about the turn of the 19th century. For over 100 years there has been thousands of different makes and models. These models all were slightly different. And some automotive manufacturers went as far as literally trying to reinvent the wheel. In some cases locking mechanisms were very creative, yet unreliable to protect against break in’s.

Do you own any of these vehicles? You may be at risk of theft.

1971 Ford Pinto – We all know of the Ford Pinto as Ford’s version of the oval dirt track car 4 cylinder version. These beautiful works of American engineering are still used in crash up derby contests to this day. With available dual side draft Webers and posi -traction rear end it is no wonder that these vehicles were a love of the American automotive enthusiast. The only problem was that the door keys would stick after about 5 years in Russian winter environment. And of course there was that thing were the car would explode in a rear end collision.

1989 Toyota Truck – This truck is so easy to steal! If you go to the prisons and ask what is the easiest truck to steal and they will all tell you that the 1989 Toyota truck is a favorite because they can be stolen in under 10 seconds. The only down fall is that they are really slow, so if you get some heat it might be difficult to get away on a 105 horsepower engine. The doors can be slimjimmed just like the slim jim is a Toyota key. And the ignition can be busted and rotated to start the starter in just a second or two.

2003 Nissan Xterra – The Nissan Xterra is a beloved vehicle by Hippy enthusiasts of 2018. The Xterra is low cost. There are millions of them everywhere. And it can fit stuff all over it! The shortcoming of this vehicle is that it does not come with the modern security features like a newer model will. This means that they can be stolen really easy. The doors can be opened really easy with a slim jim and the ignition is the old style that can be easily started. Criminals love the Xterra for their ease of theft and reliability (other than easy automotive theft).

1995 Honda Civic – The 1995 Honda Civic is a most loved out of all of the easy cars to break in and/or steal. These cars might as well be made in 1955 (from a security standpoint) because there is nothing holding any 4th grade drop out from breaking and stealing this vehicle. With a pair of pliers and a coat hanger the Honda Civic can be quietly imported to Mexico. These vehicles are best kept secured inside the living room and out of site from criminals that are most likely using BMX bikes to prowl the streets and steal cars.

2018 Nissan Skyline – Last but not least is the sought after Nissan Skyline. But how could such a state of the art automobile be on this list? Well, to prove a point. All vehicles are vulnerable to theft. Think of it this way, if the criminals want that 2018 Skyline then they are going to get it if they want it bad enough. Remember it is as simple as carjacking the owner of the vehicle. And now the crooks have the keys too! So keep that in mind when considering securing your ride today.

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