Love Your Bedroom This Spring With Stunning New Ideas

Can you feel the weather changing? Maybe not, depending on where you live, but spring will come eventually and when it does, you’re going to want to shake off winter as soon as the birds begin to chirp. If the grey skies and slushy sidewalks are getting to you, get yourself out of the winter blues and start planning how you’re going to brighten up your bedroom to match the spring weather. Once you’ve done that deep spring cleaning, there’s no better feeling than enlivening your bedroom with bright spring colors, fresh curtains, and flowers.

So what bedroom styles are new for spring 2018?

#1 Bright Green – Nature colors are making a big splash and bright green will bring earthiness to your bedroom. When the leaves start to bud, there’s nothing to give you the feeling of rejuvenation that comes with the season like matching the bright green colors outside.

#2 Tasteful Docking Stations – Do a lot of work from the bedroom? Sleep experts say you’re not supposed to, but since when did you listen to sleep experts? There are few treats like lazy Saturday mornings watching Netflix from bed. There’s no need for docking stations need to be an ugly tangle of wires. A wood shelf like bamboo above your outlet and some greenery near the outlet itself can offset the vibe electronics give off.

#3 Bohemian Floral Prints–Floral prints never truly go out of style, but right now there’s more emphasis on bohemian casualness than feminine floral prints. They look great on neutral palettes which are also increasingly in style for furniture and walls. An easy way to introduce a splash of floral print for spring is with a duvet or bed covering.

#4 Black and White – Anyone who loves classic looks will be happy to hear that black and white are one of the hottest trends to come out in 2018. The high contrast is easy to pull off and it’s a cinch finding art photography that will blend seamlessly with your design choices.

#5 Forest Inspiration – Have a fanciful side? Surreal interior design lets you explore your wildest dreams with forest-inspired bedrooms. Draw inspiration from the woods of fairy tales and let your imagination get lost on the way to grandmother’s house. Your bedroom should be a place where you can dream and recharge. Don’t hold back when you’re trying to create something special for yourself.

As the weather warms up, you might find you’re not sleeping as well as you did in the winter. If you haven’t changed out your winter duvet for your summer blankets, overheating could disrupt your sleep. Your body is meant to cool down overnight as you sleep and overheating can interrupt your natural sleeping rhythms. You might need a new duvet for your bedroom that works in all seasons, something with a mid-range tog, something between 7.5 and 10.5 for the spring or autumn. A new duvet will put the finishing touches on your spring bedroom redecoration.

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