Major Signs Your Heat Pump Will Need To Be Replaced

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A good heat pump is necessary to keep your home warm while going through the cold months. But, how are you supposed to tell when that system is no longer running efficiently or about to stop working? It can be better to notice the signs of a failing heat pump before it actually goes. Below will be some signs your heat pump will be needing servicing or replacement. Only hire the help of a professional company of heat pump maintenance Newport News VA, such as the one found at

Inconsistent Temperatures

One of the biggest signs that your pump is about to break down is that it just won’t heat or cool enough. While it still might be producing good air levels, the air temperature isn’t coming out at the temperature you have the thermostat set at. Inconsistent air temperatures are a sure sign of trouble to come.

Strange Smells And Sounds

A perfectly running system should not have funny sounds or smells coming from it. If you know your unit pretty well, you will be able to notice right away if it is making any new noises that it never did before or has started to infuse new smells into your home. There could be many reasons for these new signs and it should be looked at by a professional.

Leaks Or Excess Moisture

While some pumps will have a small amount of condensation that drips from the system, it is never a good sign when more moisture begins to show up. If you start to notice an increase in moisture or humidity inside of your home all of a sudden, this could be  a telltale sign that your system will need to be replaced soon. Older units may eventually start to leak refrigerant. If it does, it should only be handled by professionals because it can cause serious health risks.

It is never fun having to replace such a big item in your home. However, certain costs are necessary and cannot be avoided. If you want to ensure the comfort and safety of your family, always be on the lookout for signs your system needs maintenance or replacing.