Make Room For Baby

Congratulations. You have just found out that you are expecting a little bundle of joy. The problem is that you don’t know how your current home is going to accommodate an ever growing family. Don’t hurry to put a for sale sign in the front yard. You actually have a few options to consider first.

Repurpose an existing room

If you are lucky, you may already have an additional bedroom that is currently being used as a guest room or for additional storage. These spaces are easily transformed into nurseries. You can always compromise by purchasing a sleeper sofa for the family room to use for guests or rent a storage unit to handle the clutter you will need to remove.  Home offices, game rooms, and craft rooms are also ideal rooms to convert.

Utilize Wasted Space

Before you call the realtor, take a good look around the house. Do you have an attic that is large enough to stand up in? What about the basement? Both of these areas can be turned into an extra bedroom with a little time and effort. Once these spaces are finished off with insulation, dry wall, and flooring, you will have the perfect place for a quiet nursery or play room. You could also consider using these new areas as a master bedroom and bath which will leave your previous room in the main part of the house for baby.

Adding On

Your last option is to simply add on to the existing house. As long as you have enough property to accommodate the additional space, it is a terrific choice.This may sound a little over whelming at first, but it can be an easy and doable project with the right help. Find a professional home remodeling contractor such as those at Renovation Experts to guide you through the process. The finished product will be a custom made room for your little one that will only add value to your home.

By repurposing an existing room, adding on, or utilizing wasted space, you can stay in your home as your family grows. These changes can help your house accommodate the new arrival without leaving the rest of the family feeling over crowded.

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