Make Your Kitchen Look “Ultra-Expensive” by Following These Smart Tricks!

Do you aspire to make your old and boring kitchen look “ultra-expensive”, just like the ones designed by Claudio Celiberti, the popular interior designer? But at the same time, are you worried about the money you’ll have to spend on hiring an interior designer? Well then, let me tell you one thing; hiring a kitchen designer for this task is not necessary at all. You just need to type “expensive kitchen” in the search bar of Pinterest or else, just go through some magazines on home décor. And, if you are a busy-bee who seldom gets time to go through magazines and other websites to look for expensive kitchen décor ideas, then just keep reading this blog because here, I’ve mentioned about some easy tricks to make your kitchen look expensive and yes, almost “new-like”!

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Choose a Luxurious Color for Your Walls

The first step that you need to take in order to make your kitchen look “ultra-expensive” is by choosing a luxurious color for your kitchen walls. But make sure you choose a color that would complement your existing cabinet’s color. For instance, if your shaker style or RTA Cabinets are white in color, go for luxurious wall colors such as Grey, Charcoal Black, Charleston Green or Café Noir. And, if your cabinets are dark-colored, I think there’s just one sober, luxurious color that would go really well with it and that is Pristine white.

Additional Tip: Opt for paints that have a velvety texture, as it’ll add an extra tinge of luxuriousness to your kitchen.

In case you want to add a bit of more luxuriousness to your kitchen walls, then here are a few things that you can do with your wall; take a look:

  • Create a feature wall by adding luxurious wallpaper. For instance, if you are choosing the Café Noir color for your kitchen walls, then you can choose one wall (that has no shelves, cabinets and windows) and add classic damask luxurious metallic dark gold wallpaper on it. It’s going to look amazing!
  • The mirror is one of those elements that can instantly make a room look dazzling-cum-luxurious. Hence, how about sticking mirror decals on one of the walls? Believe me or not, it’s going to look stunning.

Work on Your Cabinets!

I’m sure you are aware of the fact that cabinets play a vital role in making or breaking the overall look of a kitchen. And many designers also claim that “Cabinets are the face of a kitchen” because that’s the first thing anyone would notice when they will step into your kitchen. Hence, to make your kitchen look expensive, you need to work on your existing cabinets as well and do everything that’s needed to make them look “new-like” as well as expensive.

What? Don’t have any clues on how to make your shaker style or RTA cabinets look expensive and “new-like”? Well then, here are some tips for you:

  • Replace the existing hardware with something more sleek, stylish and luxurious. You can opt for ornamental (golden, silver or rosegold) knobs, pulls and hinges, or the ones crafted using crystal or high-quality, robust glass.
  • Replace the doors of your cabinets with something that looks luxurious such as gloss-finished doors, crystal–clear glass doors, frost glass doors, or the ones having the mirror. I personally prefer the mirror doors because they are trending. And as far as their price is concerned, they are quite affordable as well.
  • Add OxyLED under-cabinet lights. And, if you are installing glass doors, you can install LED Strip lights all around the corners of the cabinets as well. This will surely give it a luxurious look.

Paint Your Appliances Stainless Steel

If you go through some of the expensive kitchens designed by Claudio Celiberti or other popular designers, one thing you’ll notice is that most of them have included stainless steel kitchen appliances only which are of course, highly expensive. Do you know why? It’s because they look “uber-classy”. But don’t you think that I’m asking you to replace all your kitchen appliances. Instead, the most cost-effective thing that you can do is paint your existing appliances with stainless steel color.

So, these were some of the easiest and most affordable tricks to make your kitchen look expensive and “new-like”. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog? If yes, then keep following me for more updates on kitchen renovation and white shaker cabinets.


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