Omega TWN30S – get maximum yield out of your fruits

There’s no need to remind that a glass of nutritious juice in the morning is a success formula of all the well-to-do people. Naturally, the vitamin dose you receive at the beginning of a day is the key to productive work throughout the working hours. Yet, to reap the fruits of such a habit one needs to have all the necessary equipment, capable of extracting the fresh full of nutrients juice out of ingredients of your choice. Hasten to say, whenever it comes to pressing the juice, there’s no better thing than Omega TWN30S. It grants you with the simply unsurpassed quality of produce in practically no time.


Twin-gear technology

As derived from the name, twin-gear juicers like Omega TWN30S are equipped with two counter-rotating gears to crush fruits, vegetables and nuts with the maximum level of efficiency. In the case with this particular juicer, the rotation speed is a bit higher than that of a one-gear device yet, it is still much lower than what centrifugal machines offer. 160 rpm is just enough to create the required pressure to squeeze all the liquid from the used ingredients. Also, BPA-free parts allow the appliance to work with no oxidation, which positively influences the overall quality of produce.

As to the product’s technical specs, a devoted Omega TWN30S twin gear juicer review provides the exhaustive information regarding its key working principles. The extra juicing screen was specially designed to adjust the level of produced pulp. Considering the presence of two augers, this was a right technical decision making the load on 2hp motor significantly reduced when working with the harder material. Besides such approach to the matter allows the machine to self-feed during juice extraction and prevent jamming. But, surely, it’s recommended to cut fruits into smaller pieces prior to throwing them into the chute.

Quality of produce


Now we switch to the resulting quality of juice. There’s one significant advantage of twin-gear juicers over the older centrifugal devices – they produce no heat during work. For those who don’t know what benefits this feature carries, we explain: heat is the factor eliminating the vitamins and nutrients fruits/vegetables normally contain. Therefore, when you try extracting juice by using a centrifugal machine, you basically receive a useless liquid, which has lost all its beneficial properties. But in the case of the new generation appliances, you preserve all the minerals and thus, consume them entirely. To add more, the beverages you receive have much richer taste and can be stored for longer.

Concerning the ingredients you may use, the model easily deals with practically anything that gives juice. Either we speak of leafy greens, citruses, or nuts, it can do the job like no other appliance of this kind can. The resulting pulp comes out very dry and doesn’t mix up with the yield. But, surely, those who love the taste of yield in a juice can take some part of it and enjoy the drink that won’t be found in any local store.

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