Overhead Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas For Various Household Stuff

You surely have a garage at home and obviously, most of you are not using this room to just park your precious vehicles, instead, you have a different purpose for this and that is to store your household stuff, especially the ones that are rarely used. In my opinion, this is actually a smart thing to do because you just want to maximize the space and this is better rather than throwing away stuff, which you may find useful in the future. However, what you really need to work on right now, is about how you are going to organize your storage, so that you can easily find it when needed.

There are homeowners, who lacks time in managing things in the garage, which makes the place look like a junk and this is not supposed to be the case because we need to take care of the storage, too. In my opinion, these homeowners just need to have more ideas on how they are going to organize their stuffs and these must be something that they can handle, when a handyman is not available. Though, it is still best to hire experts to achieve a better result, since they know more about these projects.

An overhead garage ceiling storage could be done in various ways, so it would be great, if you are going to ask friends or experts for suggestions, since the garage space of every home vary in size. Therefore, before buying materials, make sure to consult an expert or someone with bright designs to avoid purchasing items that is not even suitable for your type of ceiling. Anyway, we have here a few ideas on how you are going to work on this overhead space for different items that can be kept and for you to be proud of this room.


With this system, you will be needing several boxes or containers, which could have the same or different sizes. You can think of it as a drawer just like what you have in your closet or refrigerators. But this one is up there, so you have to be very sure that the storage is sturdy enough to carry your household stuff.

In fact, this will also look nice, however, you need to use a ladder, if you would like to take anything from the sliding drawers. And then, make sure that you will have a label on each box, so you won’t have to guess, whenever you need something because it is also risky to always climb up the ladder, so you should be extra careful. Anyway, go to https://www.wikihow.com/Create-Garage-Ceiling-Sliding-Storage and learn how to do this type of system on your own.


It is also possible to make this storage hanging, where you may pull it up or down. This is very helpful, especially when you have high ceilings. In my opinion, using a pulley is good, especially when you would like to maximize your space and keep huge stuffs like surfboards, kayak or even a boat.

Pulleys could be one of the bests systems that you may think of constructing in your garage, especially when the space is limited. Pretty sure that you can set this up on your own, if you have carpentry and basic mechanical skills.

Safe Rack

This is a system, where you have to install and mount the racks on the ceiling. Of course, these racks may vary in size and will depend on what stuffs you would like to keep. It would be great, to also consider the weight of the material used because whatever will be stored here will surely have weight, too.

Now, if you are going to weigh the stuff and the material of the rack, then the ceiling must be strong enough to carry it. By the way, this is a very important factor to check, especially when you have plans of installing this type – watch this video for sample installation.

Anyway, you may choose to make this rack steady or fixed, though you can add some hooks, if you want it on purpose. It could be mounted on the corner, center or sides. Still, the design and how you want it built will always depend on your own preferences, ease and comfort of use.