Pick Out the Perfect Patio

So you’ve decided to ditch the traditional grass garden and switch things up abit by adding a lovely stone patio. Many people have jumped onto this recently after realising how much easy it is to maintain for the average person who works all week and has a family to look after on top of that, the upkeep of a garden full of plants and flowers is virtually impossible.

However big or small your garden is planning the perfect design can be difficult, hiring a good and well known landscaper is always a massive help. Get some inspiration both from magazines and from actual gardens, maybe visit a flower show or simply have a look at your friends’ gardens and see what they have done.


Having a patio installed isn’t justa case of putting some garden slabs done and hoping you like the end picture, there is a huge variety of different stone available to you, all which create a different look. When it comes to choosing the perfect stone its always worth speaking to a specialist as many things contribute, the size of your garden, how bright the space is, the style you are going for, and budget.

Style – the style of your garden should match the style of your house as best as it can. Within reason you can mix styles together to create something a little different but it should always match the property.

Colours – as well as just a colour that you like the look of, you need to pick one that will complement the other colours of your house and garden. If everything is a bit dark and dull then maybe choose a brighter cooler, likewise a bright area may suit a darker stone more.

Size- try to consider the size of your garden/patio area. A small area will look silly with large paving stones, in this case try a smaller stone to make the area look bigger. A larger space to work with can often look very nice with larger stones, possibly broken up into groups with smaller stones.

Cost- you want to choose a stone that fits well within your budget, the last thing you need is to spend all your money on the material and not be able to have it fitted correctly, as this will leave the garden looking worse than if you used the cheapest.

Natural stone is an all-time favourite amongst many, each stone has its own individual colour and style and put together can create beautiful designs. Though they do weather, many stones actually improve with age.


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