Points to keep in mind while building frameless shower doors  

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To design perfect bathrooms it is important that the right kind of shower enclosure is picked. As per the latest design trends, a frameless shower door is a must have because the shower area is one of the focal points of the bathroom. Break free from the screeching and rattling framed doors for modern and functional doors. Made from thick high-quality glass these are much safer than their traditional counterparts. The frameless shower doors are not only easy on maintenance but also offer an unmatched beauty to the bathrooms. These have less visual clutter thereby enhancing your beautiful tiles and other bath fittings.

Some of the tips to keep in mind while making a choice for the frameless shower door include ;

  1. Carefully inspect the space where you would like to fix the door. If you are remodelling the bathroom you will probably have to keep the same dimensions. But in case you are building a new one, you have ample space to play with. Choose a door that matches well with the other aesthetics and also the kind of shower you wish to have. For example a steam or a tub bath.
  2. The next step is to choose the shower shape. If you are building new there are a variety of shapes to choose from. Pick one as per you plan to build the bathroom. In case you are remodelling your bathroom, you would probably have to pick up the same size door as the previous one.
  3. Once you have decided on the design take all the measurements carefully not once but twice. This is an important step as it would ensure that the doors fit well.
  4. Choose an appropriate type of glass that would constitute the making of the door. These can be anything from patterned, textured or tinted. Not only these it is important to make a choice of the hardware as well. If buying a new hardware ensure that they match with the already existing ones.
  5. There are various design tools available today that help you make the right choice. If you are confused to make a choice on which frameless shower doors are suitable, using these tools can be of great benefit.

Create a stylish and luxurious look to the bathroom to go frameless. With the plethora of options available today it would not be tough to design a bathroom. There are other benefits of using a frameless door. Like they are durable and possess superior quality workmanship. Can be customized depending upon the design and structure of the existing bathroom or a new one. These also aid in minimizing the mould risks as less water gets accumulated. For a sleeker, bigger and beautiful bathrooms go frameless today.

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