Pre-purchase Pet Considerations for Homeowners

When you’re in the market for a new family home and you have a pet you’ll find yourself with a range of issues you need to consider before making a purchase. It’s cruel to keep an animal in an environment that’s not pet friendly. Tim Manning recommends that depending on the size of your animal and its particular requirements you need to be sure that your decisions are reflective of your requirements. Here are the top tips to consider before purchasing a home when you have a pet:

  1. Check local requirements

Make sure you’re familiar with local requirements and laws. If you’re considering buying into a neighbourhood without a dog park to exercise your pet you may find yourself having to travel long distances daily.Image result for Pre-purchase Pet Considerations for Homeowners

If you have a unique pet that’s specific to farm environments you may need to check official zoning regulations. While animals such as cats, dogs, birds and fish are acceptable in almost every housing, animals such as goats or cows come with their own restrictions and these need to be adhered to correctly.

  1. Ask for apartment or HOA rules

Free-standing homes are good for animals; backyards make great exercise areas for small cats and dogs. However, if you’re purchasing an apartment or condo you may need to consult body corporate for building rules and regulations. Some areas have blanket bans on all types of pets while others have restrictions on the size of the animal you have. Most places work on a case by case basis so if you’re able to prove that your pet is properly house trained and doesn’t pose a threat to the appearance of the building on the whole then you should be fine.

  1. Assess the home layout

Always make sure you consider the overall layout of the home, both indoors and out. Does your pet have enough room to exercise? Are you prepared to take them for walks daily? To be a responsible pet owner you have to make sure that the home you provide for your animal is reflective of their physical needs. While regulation and rules may restrict some aspects of animal ownership it’s ultimately up to you as a responsible pet owner to provide the best conditions for your pet to live in.

Pets can provide invaluable enjoyment to your family home so it’s important that we repay them by providing them with a comfortable place to live in.

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