Preparing for the Installation of a New Heating and Cooling System

After spending some time with a representative from Simply Green Home Services, you found the ideal home heating and cooling system. All that remains now is to remove the old system and install the new one. The date is set, but there is some preparation that needs to be done before the installation team arrives. Here are some things that you can do to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Trim the Shrubbery

Take a good look at the shrubs around the current unit. Are they a bit on the close side? If so, take the time to trim the shrubs and make some additional room. Ideally, the technician should be able to walk around the unit without having to brush against the foliage.

Find a Place for the Family Pet

During the installation process, the team will be in and out of the house. That could be exciting for inquisitive pets, but their curiosity will slow down the work. If possible, arrange for a neighbour to take care of the pets for the day. If no one is available, choosing to board the pet is a good idea.

Protect the Floors

Since the team will be in and out, some dirt will be tracked into the home. One way to minimise the cleanup afterwards is to use something to cover the carpeting and the hardwood flooring. If you have old paint drop cloths stored in the garage, they will work fine for this purpose. If not, plastic drop cloths are available as discount shops for reasonable prices. Once the system is installed and checked, it will be easy enough to gather up those cloths and have very little cleaning to do.

Make It Easy to Access the Attic

The team will also need to get into the attic during the installation. That’s because they will want to take a close look at the duct work and determine if there is the need to install another air return or make any other types of enhancements. Unlock the attic door, or lower the retractable steps the morning that the work is to commence. It also helps to ensure there is plenty of elbow room for the team to haul tools and materials up those attic stairs if necessary.

Move Furnishings Away from Vents

As you learned while reading some of the Simply Green reviews online, the team will not consider the job done until the new system is properly tested. That means being able to check each vent and ensure the air flow is at a reasonable level. Make the job easier by moving any tables or chairs that may limit access to those vents. The furniture can go back into place once the system is checked and the air flow is deemed acceptable.

The goal is to ensure that the customer is completely happy with the new system. Once the work is done and you see what a difference the new unit makes, feel free to share a Simply Green review with others. They may also benefit from considering the installation of a new heating and cooling unit, and be in the market for someone who will take care of the project quickly and efficiently.

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