Pros and Cons of DIY Roofing and Hiring Roofers

When that season comes and you need to check out what is happening up there, you’re thinking to yourself – should I call someone or get the ladder and climb up myself?

This is a normal question that almost everyone asks themselves. You have probably seen some of your neighbors climbing up and doing some basic cleaning themselves, or some of those who took the hammer and the nails with them to fix some bigger problem.

On the other hand, there’s always that classy one who has a whole team of people coming over and bringing big trucks with professional electronic-driven devices who put stairs directly from the truck to the roof and making people walk on them like they are on the ground. Here’s a little on common roof problems in this article.

So, what’s the better choice here? Should you do it on your own, or call the professionals to handle things? Read on if you want to see the pros and cons of both options and make a decision about what is better for your needs!

Pros and cons about doing it yourself

One of the major reasons why people decide to fix their roof by themselves is that this costs nothing. Professional companies will charge just for getting to your house and making an inspection of the place.

Instead of giving them money, people take the ladder they have in the garage and climb up to see if there’s a problem by themselves. There’s no better inspection than the one you’ll do by yourself, of course, but what about the risk coming with it?

Falling from 10-20 feet high can result in death. Of course, everyone thinks they’ll be extra cautious, but no one can predict what will happen up there. A rodent or a bird might show up from nowhere, scare you just a little and make you lose the balance.

Is it worth dying over a couple of dollars? Unlikely, right? Even if there’s no greater problem, you should always call the professionals as they are equipped with lots of safety measures and are surely way more experienced than you are.

Pros and cons about calling the professional roofing company

When you’re calling a professional roofing company, you’re actually paying someone to the job that you’re not skilled enough to do yourself and to be sure that you’re not going to experience some kind of injury.

The main reason why it’s better to choose this option is that this way you’re going to be sure that the job is well done. When your roofing contractor gets up there with their team, they’ll find every bit of a problem and fix it fast, accurate, and to the perfection providing a service that will probably not need another fix until a couple of years pass.

Another very important issue is that you as an individual are not skilled and experienced in doing these kinds of things. You don’t go over roofs every day knowing that you’re not going to fall down. Instead of you risking your life, you should let the pros do this their way.

They have a ton of equipment that provides safety and making sure that they’re not going to fall down and risk serious injury. Still, even with these measures that everyone’s doing, tens of professional roofers experience fatal injuries every year. This just tells you how dangerous this thing is.

It’s a clear reason why you should always call someone else if you’re convinced that you’re not capable of getting up there and staying safe. See more on this here:


Based on these facts, it’s up to you to decide what kind of deal you’re going to make. Are you going to risk your safety and save some money, or, you’re going to pay someone to do a professional job and stay safe?

There’s no better or worse option. It’s just what you think it’s better for you. These are the facts and based on them you should make a decision about what is best. If you feel that you can do it without risking any injuries, then do it. If you’re not really sure about it, don’t take unnecessary risks.